Unless you've been under a big, meaty rock for the past couple of years, you'll have noticed the spike in vegan and vegetarian options available in pretty much any place that you can grab some scran. Whether it's your local supermarket or your favourite food chain, there are more and more options popping up to cater for the rise in veggies and vegans across the country. A great thing too, we reckon. If you're making serious life changes to do your bit for mother earth, it's only right that there's a strong range of tasty options at your disposal.

As Cardiff's non-meat scene flourishes, we caught up with one of the pioneering pop-ups taking the city by storm - Sero. The brainchild of chef Chris Braham, Sero's menu isn't your average meat substitute; we're not talking bean burgers and mushroom bakes, here. No, Chris has perfected some tried and tested recipes that deliver the same meaty tastes and textures that you'd get in your standard chicken or beef burger, but instead are all vegan-friendly. Keen to hear more, we headed to Sero's latest pop-up event at The Blue Honey Night Café, where we managed to have a chat with the man behind the magic.

How did Sero start out?

At the time, there were next to no options in terms of vegan alternatives to chicken shop or kebab house-style food, unless you got a train to London or a flight to Berlin, or spent hours cooking it yourself at home. Most people our age visit these sorts of takeaways religiously, especially after a night out. It’s quick and easy food that tastes good and hits the spot, but sadly it’s never vegan and almost always uses meat from factory-farmed animals, so the idea for me was to create a version that tastes the same - and is just as convenient - but doesn’t contribute to any animal suffering whatsoever.

Why go vegan?

I'm about to get preachy two questions in, but it’s for the animals! Plenty of non-vegans have tried our food and say that if it was readily available they’d be more than happy to choose it over a meat version. It’s only small scale for now, but this still reduces the demand for animal products - which is a win for us.

How do you research which ingredients you'll use?

It took over a year of experimenting in my kitchen with loads of different ingredients. I scouted out some recipes now and then for inspiration, but it was mostly trial and error to be honest. It was actually really good fun, and it meant I was basically living off burgers and kebabs for a year!

Where are you currently serving your food (aside from Blue Honey, big ups)?

Aside from the fortnightly pop ups with Blue Honey every other Monday, we’re also in talks with Blanche Bakery to do a pop up with them, and we’ve also been approached by a few pubs but nothing is finalised yet.

Then we also do market stalls. We were at The Bone Yard’s last ever summer market before they moved, which was great fun! Our next one is at Cathays Community Centre for a Wintersoul Holistic & Well-being event. Again there’s a few more potential ones in the pipeline, but I won’t give details just yet.

What are your future plans for Sero?

If I can make a living whilst also helping to reduce the demand for animal products then I’ll be happy with that. The goal is to have our own takeaway shop, preferably in Cathays or Canton. Until then, we’ll continue to smash out as many pop ups and market events as we can! Our first ever pop up was only 6 months ago so it’s been really good progress so far. Hopefully it’ll continue and we’ll just keep building and growing!

Find Sero on Facebook here and Instagram here for news on their calendar of pop-ups. 


Why street food is a must-have for your next corporate event!

“Found us alright then? Oh yes, those tunnels are a nightmare – don’t want to get stuck around them come five o’clock! Ah, you came on the train. Yes, so expensive – and you’ll be lucky to get a seat at that time! So where are you based then? Oh really, yes I know it well. Myself - Swindon, for my sins! But don’t hold that against me, haha! Watch the game on the weekend?”

Street food for corporate events isn’t just delicious and cost-effective: it could also give your guests more to weave into their small talk than the travel situation or sport.

Whether you’re organising a team-building session, a milestone celebration, entertaining clients, partners or stakeholders or having an off-site summit, street food is certainly a lot more enticing to your attendees than some sad sandwiches or cold chicken goujons which have been sat under cling film since 7am and are well past their crispy best. Plus, it’ll give some much-needed motivation to the less-keen amongst your staff to power through the morning’s branding exercise. Whether they’re staff or clients, good food quite simply means happy guests.

The Street Food Warehouse team has extensive experience in bringing top-notch food to locations across the country as part of its summer festival calendar, and now you can hire our team for your corporate event too. We’ve got a huge contact book in our arsenal of trusted (and delicious) street food vendors from across the UK who will give your attendees something to get stuck into: it’ll even wow those notoriously hard-to-please individuals from the IT department (no mean feat), not to mention getting the marketing lot busy with their Instagram stories.

Whether it’s slow-roasted US barbecue from Spicer’s Meat Wagon or Moroccan flatbreads; to flame-baked pizza or banging banh mi, Street Food Warehouse can make it happen. We’ll pick up the hard work of organising your food so you don’t have to: so from reaching out to vendors to making sure they’re on-site, briefed and prepared to wow your attendees, we’ve got you covered.

All you need to do is tell us your budget per head, what food you require – plus what you don’t fancy – and where you want us to be. With that information, we can tailor a bespoke package perfectly suited to your business’s requirements. And if you’re looking for some liquid refreshments for when the event is over, or to grease the wheels of networking, we can even supply a bar too.

Drop us a line today to start your enquiry and find out how easy it is to make street food the star attraction at your next corporate event.



What. A. Night.

A sell-out fireworks show on Bonfire Night at the wonderful Sophia Gardens was an absolute blast for all involved, and we can't wait for next year already. The display was top notch, the atmosphere vibrant and the food and drinks entirely on point. Were you lucky enough to nab a ticket and join the party?

Blessed with dry weather all day and night - a rarity, amongst weeks of torrential Welsh rain - 4,000 people made the pilgrimage to the Sophia Gardens grounds where a festival atmosphere emanated far and wide with rides, DJs, and of course, street food! Within minutes of the doors opening, our foodie friends at Spicer's Meat Wagon, The Grubshed and Orgazmic Milkshake welcomed hordes of hungry customers to their food stands in what was a manic few hours for all involved. The whole gang were all on their finest form, with plenty of 'oooo's and 'aaaa's heard before the fireworks even began.

Spicer's menu was popping as per, with the Asian Pork Buns and Beef Briskets sending whiz, pops and bangs across the venue. Similarly, The Grubshed's outrageous chip delights were cause for hefty queues, and the Orgazmic Milkshake boys were shifting hot waffles like nobody's business.  Our trusty sister company, Pop Up Bar Hire Co., also smashed it, delivering drinks for the little and the large at record rates with a host of smiley staff on hand. With thousands of satisfied attendees fed and watered, the incredible fireworks display put on by Sophia Gardens really underpinned what was a wonderfully successful night for all involved. Same again next year?

For small and large scale events (from firework displays to birthdays and weddings!) the Street Food Warehouse can curate the perfect foodie experience for you. Get in touch today.



The cold evening draws in. The smokey air fills you with a kiddy-like anticipation. Amongst thousands of others you await the explosions in the sky. It's one of the nicest nights of the year. And yet...

And yet. You're a bit peckish. The smokey air isn't only down to the mist and the sparklers. It's down to the meaty BBQ cooking up a storm. And there's chips. Loaded 'fries', in fact, with all sorts of delicious toppings. And warm, gooey desserts, too. 'Well,' you think. 'Why not?'

And why not indeed? It's an evening of fun, of joy, of smiles - as good a time as any to treat you and the family to some of the incredible food on offer at this year's Sophiaworks II!

With the explosions in the sky, it's apt that there's ample choice for explosions of taste to match this Bonfire Night. After the success of last year's event at the cricket ground of Sophia Gardens, we're buzzing to be on board with the second outing of Sophiaworks, and to celebrate we've brought some of our favourite street food vendors with us to feed you and the family. But what's on the menu? What can you tuck into beneath the fireworks?

Gorgeously wholesome food awaits you. First up, it's Spicer's Meat Wagon. Longtime BBQ royalty, Spicer's are known far and wide for their cheffing talents, with their huge Barbie and love of meats. If it's a hearty chomp you're after, look no further -their menu is shaping up to be an absolute showstopper; Brisket Buns, Bacon & Cheese Burgers, Hot and Chilli Dogs and Asian Pulled Pork Buns make your main course decision seriously tough but cost effective nonetheless, with dishes costing around the £6 mark. Cheeky additional offerings of Homemade Caramel Apples and Cinder Toffee for afters are also highly recommended. Mouth-watering.

The Grubshed are also in town with us. Purveyors of exquisitely loaded skin-on fries, they've got a menu that'll make your eye pop. Perfect for tucking into on a cold evening beneath the stars, there's all sorts on offer from the Hereford-based chip wizards. Toppings include Beef Brisket, Four Cheese, Veggie Mexican and Chilli con Carne. Great as a sharer, these are also clocking in between £2.50 - £8. Our recommendation is a tray of loaded fries and something meaty from Spicer's, so you can split 'em down the middle. Or perhaps not quite down the middle, depending on who you're sharing with!

Dessert comes from our Brummy friends who will be serving all sorts of sweet and gooey goodness from their Orgazmic Hot Chocolate & Waffle stand. And what are they serving? Care to hazard a guess?

All sorts of toppings with the waffles, as well as warm cookie dough and milkshakes, means there are some serious dessert decisions to be made. See the picture above for the sort of toppings you'll be choosing from. Nutella-dipped, Oreo-covered, Ferrero Roche-crushed. Wowza. And from £2.50 you've got a bargain afters on your hands.

Don't forget the Pop Up Bar Hire Co. are also on hand with an army of lovely bartenders to keep your drinks filled all evening beneath the fireworks. If it's a crisp pint you're after, a cocktail or perhaps something mulled, their experienced team will be on hand to sort you out. They're fab - that's why we have them at our summer street food festivals!

Have you got your tickets to Sophiaworks II on 5th November yet? Get them here.



Why Street Food and Weddings are a match made in heaven!

Whether you’re having a traditional church ceremony or something a bit more unconventional, street food could be the unexpected star of your big day…

What’s a wedding without mountains and mountains of food? Not much of a wedding at all in our book. Sending your guests to bed hungry is a sure-fire way to get folk talking for all the wrong reasons.

But what you serve up to your guests is a big – nay, colossal - decision to make. According to stats jockeys at wedding website Bridebook, in 2018 the average spend on food for a wedding came in at £5,862. It’s little wonder then, that many brides and grooms to be spend a huge amount of time traversing the country checking out the options and sampling the wares of venues and roaming caterers for hire.

But what if there was an alternative to the traditional fusty five-course? One which didn’t require hours of agonising table planning and having to work around Aunties Brenda and Pauline’s long-simmering and unresolved beef, or the potential awkwardness of putting those two uni mates whose relationship ended messily with their new partners? An option which was more suited to mingling and conversation, and importantly, potentially cheaper too?

Enter street food for weddings. Whether you’re serving it as an alternative to your sit-down meal or as delicious chaser to the day’s events – it’s an ideal option for something to soak up to booze and provide vital sustenance after the exertions of the evening disco – street food can be the vital x-factor which elevates your days from ‘great’ to ‘absolutely fantastic’. And, all things considered, it’s infinitely more Instagrammable than shoulder of lamb with seasonal mixed veg and gravy.

It’s easier than you might think to have your dream street food wedding, too. The team at Street Food Warehouse have the nous, contacts and experience that comes with running rapturously received and smooth-running food festivals across the country, year-in, year-out, with a stellar cast of hand-picked vendors that can make your event pop. You might not realise they also offer street food for hire too.

What’s more, Street Food Warehouse can tailor a bespoke offering to your budget, based at a cost per head. So whether you’re after a trader or two, or a fleet of vendors, or even a marquee set-up, we can bring food from all four corners of the globe to your big day and manage it for you, meaning that you can get on with the important business of saying ‘I do’, and having the party to end all parties. So whether it’s tasty tacos (we highly rate The Bearded Taco on this one - see their pic at the top!) or flame-baked pizza; to mouthwatering burgers and slow-roasted local meats or next-level vegan cuisine, we’ve got you covered. We can even hook you up with something sweet for later which will knock dry, marzipan-encrusted wedding cake well into the long grass.

So, for a unique wedding day feast with bells on, drop Street Food Warehouse a line today with your requirements and we’ll tailor you a package that you’ll be sure to love…

Want Street Food Warehouse to sort the catering out for your big day? Hit us with a quick application form here and we'll get back to you with quotes and details!



Scrap your plans this Bonfire Night. Whatever you're up to, we've got something better. Street Food Warehouse proudly announce to you our partnership with Sophia Gardens for their Sophiaworks II event in Cardiff this Bonfire Night, and we want you to come and join us! It's set to be an absolute cracker...

Whether you're looking for a wholesome feed to warm you up beneath the exploding sky, sweet treats for the kiddies (and the adults...), or a jaw-dropping spectacle of pyrotechnics, Sophiaworks II promises to tick the boxes for the thousands of folks that'll pour through the doors on 5th November.

What explosions of taste are we lining up amongst the dazzling night sky, then? You'd better believe that a wintery feast awaits those who make their way to Sophia Gardens this Bonfire Night, as some of our favourite Street Food Warehouse regulars join us in Cardiff for a huge one.

A staple of our summer tours, Spicer's Meat Wagon bring 'Bubba Grill' - the big bad cooking rack - along with a mouth-watering menu of meaty goodness. Cooking delicately and to perfection, the Spicer's are experts in their field, and with meat feasts of epic proportions they're a perfect addition to a chilly November night of fireworks and fire-cooking.

On the sweet side, we've got Birmingham's finest purveyors of all things dessert with the Orgazmic Hot Chocolate & Waffle Company. They've got all sorts of calorie-filled yummy stuff on their menu; Belgian waffles, ice cream, warm cookie dough, and hot chocolate. Go on - treat yourselves!

Also in attendance for Sophiaworks II will be Grubshed, masters of the loaded fries scene. Passionate about bringing 'Honest British Street Food' to hungry customers across the land, they'll be serving an eye-popping assortment of toppings to compliment their tasty skin-on chips, from Beef Brisket to Chilli Con Carne. With plenty of veggie options too, they're a surefire hit with this year's attendees.

Street Food Warehouse will also be bringing their sister company, Pop Up Bar Hire Co., to Cardiff's biggest Bonfire Night event. So if you had a nice warm mulled cider or perhaps a cheeky beer on your mind to compliment the fireworks and the food, they've got your back.

After an incredible first year at Sophia Gardens in 2018, the second outing of Sophiaworks is set to be bigger and better, and we're expecting huge numbers in attendance from Cardiff and beyond. Secure a ticket for you and the family now, right here.




Along with running our Street Food Tour across Wales and the South-West, here at Street Food Warehouse we also pride ourselves on our coordination of street food for all sorts of third party events. From corporate parties, events, birthday parties and even weddings, we've got the street food strategy for you!

So, how does it work?

As an event organiser, you might know exactly what sort of street food you're looking for. Or, you might need some inspiration from our side. For these, plus everything in-between, we've got things covered. We'll hand-pick traders from our enormous database of street food contacts from all ends the UK to find the best of the best to suit your event perfectly - whether it's a specific cuisine you're after, or just food that'll match your event. We can manage everything, from plucking out the street food of your dreams to getting down and dirty with the nitty-gritty admin side of things.

Fusion Students

We recently had the pleasure of curating the street food lineup for the opening parties of two incredible brand-new student halls in Cardiff and Hatfield, both run by Fusion Students.

The first of the two, the Zenith, hosted some of our staple traders here at The Warehouse.

That Street Food served up their Mexican madness with the usual friendly smile, and in their words “the students got treated to their first taste of Cardiff Street Food and South Wales monsoons all in one day!”

Tram Dogs also stopped off at the Zenith to serve up their heavenly hotdogs to the students of Cardiff.

Dios Mio Churros then served up dessert for the students, traditional Spanish churros coated in cinnamon sugar. What more could you need?

The following weekend, Luna in Hatfield welcomed The Yeerologist to their opening party. They served up some mouthwatering Greek souvlaki alongside Crepes Zone, who provided the students of Hertfordshire with sweet and savoury French delicacies in their mega colourful van!

So, if you’re looking for street food at your event, head over to www.streetfoodwarehouse.co.uk/hire-us to enquire - or give us a call on 02920 340587 for a street food chat!



If you attended our bustling calendar of street food events this summer, you'll no doubt have clocked (and probably headed directly for) the lovely, shiny bar we had with us. Provided all summer long by our sister company, Pop Up Bar Hire Co., thousands upon thousands of pints, Pimm's and other alcoholic delights were served from the bars alongside the brilliant street food traders. Proving to be the cherry atop our highly successful summer calendar, we thought we'd dig a little deeper into what these guys do - and how you can get a hold of 'em for your events, too.

From Swansea to Dorset, via Sussex, Pembrokeshire and more, Pop Up Bar Hire were with us every step of the way to pour the Amstel's and shake the Mojitos. Our partners since the beginning of the Street Food Warehouse story, we're absolutely buzzing to have them on board with us for our even bigger summer of street food in 2020, for which we've already begun the build-up process. Vendors are applying, our staff are picking out the best of the best, and some brand new locations are in the pipeline.

Pop Up Bar Hire had some major partnerships this summer. Across our Welsh-based street food festivals, Tenby Harbwr Brewery were on board with a selection of their famously delicious ales. Meanwhile, our full calendar saw Kona bring the summer vibes with their Hawaiian beers, Scandanavian brewers Lervig lit things up with their House Party ale, Barti Rum kept the Mojitos tasting of Wales, and Cygnet Gin was getting poured out faster than you can neck a G&T. Phew... 2020 is going to be something else!

But what else do Pop Up Bar Hire offer? Whilst they've got a busy summer aboard the Street Food Warehouse summer tour, they're always available for hire at events of all shapes and sizes throughout the year. With a multitude of  fully-serviced bars and a host of fantastic staff on hand to pour the pints, they're a serious bargain whatever your request. Why do you think we have them at all of our events?!

Equipped and experienced in serving weddings, big ol' corporate functions, cute-as-heck birthday parties (see image above) and any other soirée you can imagine, we credit the Pop Up Bar Hire with being the most wonderfully reliable source of fun and good times, whilst also providing incredible service at quality rates. So if you're after something a little bit diff' at your event over the autumn/winter period and beyond, get yourselves in touch with them here.




Hey, you lovely foodies. Welcome to Notes from the Warehouse. We'll be checking in every now and then to fill you in on the latest updates from Street Food Warehouse HQ and beyond.

This year's Welsh Street Food Awards in Swansea saw Pink Peppercorn take home the judges prize, and Makasih claim the public vote. We've worked for a number of years with both vendors, and were absolutely thrilled to see them rewarded for all of their hard efforts with a trip to London for the British finals. It's an absolute delight, then, to have seen Pink Peppercorn claim Third Prize overall at the British Street Food Awards 2019, as well as winning Best Main Dish for their Cajun Chowder (a modern Welsh take on an 18th century Fishguard Cawl recipe). Big-ups to the two vendors doing Wales proud!

Now, we've shouted high from the roof beams about what a crazy, brilliant summer we had. Chat has been hectic in the office as some of the SFW staff have discussed their food highlights. Across the nine different festivals this summer, we tried everything; from blue rice to big fries, Venezuelan to veggie and vegan. But what reeeeally got our taste buds tingling? Here's a few opinions from us lot.

Tudor Barber, Director of Operations 

Favourite Dish: Pad Thai Chicken Noodles

by Little Somboon Kitchen

Stand-out Traders: 2 Lads Kitchen

Most-eaten Dish: Tartiflette by Rue de la Cocotte

Tried for the first time: Tofu Fish Bao by Bao Selecta

Georgia Butterworth, Marketing and Events Executive

Favourite Dish:

Cajun Chowder by The Pink Peppercorn Co. 

Stand-out Trader: Babita's Spice Deli

Most-eaten Dish: Chicken Shawarma Flatbread by Little Marrakesh

Tried for the first time: Bacon & Scallop Roll by Assembelly

Charlie Cottrell, Digital Content Creator 

Favourite Dish:

Bueno Cheesecake by Dutty's

Stand-out Trader: The Pink Peppercorn Co.

Most-eaten Dish: 'Banging Bacon' Mac and Cheese by Gourmet Street Kitchen

Tried for the first time: Singapore Chilli Crab Cakes by Assembelly

Agree? Disagree? We want to know what you think. Let us know on our Facebook or Twitter.

But what about the lovely traders. It's always good to hear about the events from their perspective. After all, without them there would be no street food festival'ing. Their innovation, dedication and talent is something we really admire, so we thought we'd get some insight into how their summer with Street Food Warehouse went.

Rue de la Cocotte, the French wizards who dished up their delightful Tartiflette to SFW staff at all of our events, were very kind in what they said of the events. "We have developed during this year, and that is mainly thanks to our experience with Street Food Warehouse!" We've been delighted to facilitate the growth of a brilliant street food company. "We've beaten our sales records there consequently in one place after another." Amazing!

Howling Wolf Coffee were also super kind. "We loved the festival [Devon Street Food Festival] and thought it was very well organised. In fact, probably the most organised event we've been too this season! We loved the vibe and how lovely and helpful all the crew were."

Street Food Warehouse's director, Tudor Barber, was a big fan of the London-based stall 2 Lads Kitchen, who served Afghan cooked meats with a difference. It seems the feeling was mutual. "I think Street Food Warehouse is one of the best festival organisers that we've worked with amongst the many organisers." Thanks a lot, lads!

Finally, the vibrant bunch at The Bearded Taco said of Swansea Street Food Festival, "It was brilliant as always. We had one of our record breaking days for a food festival, so we were well happy. Fantastically well organised as always."

It's highly fulfilling to see our hard work pay off, and we'd like to extend a massive thanks to each and every trader that worked with us this summer. And onto next summer, we push...

Vendor applications for each of our individual events are being released throughout the autumn period, and the ball is already rolling fast! Swansea and Pembrokeshire dates have been set, and the application process for vendors to get involved is currently live. So if you haven't applied yet, and you've seen what folks are saying about us, then surely you've got to get yourselves involved? Apply now, here.

The summer period wasn't without its emotions, as Street Food Warehouse waved goodbye to long-standing team member Caroline Kinderman. Kinders has been a fave of many vendors, bossing them around in her high-vis jacket and carrying bin bags twice her size. Out into the horizon we sent Caroline on her new path of teaching, and in we welcome new team member Sophie Green. Soph has a backround in Radio and large-scale event organisation, and we're extremely excited to have her on board here at HQ.

We can't let you forget that at Street Food Warehouse, we don't just do our own street food festivals. Whether you've got a birthday, corporate event, wedding, you name it - we'll be there for you, to craft the finest street food catering experiences about. Remember: when street food is in, we'll sort you out.

Moreover, our sister company - The Pop Up Bar Hire - is taking bookings for the winter period. From dry hire to a fully staffed bar, it's always a winner. Check out the website here.

Cheers to the past, and here's to the future. We'll see you all soon.



The summer months hurtled by in a food-fuelled blur. Between May and late August, the Street Food Warehouse calendar was booked to the brim with our summer tour, and having had time to take stock, let us now say this: WOW!

From Aberystwyth to Devon, Swansea to Somerset and Pembrokeshire to Dorset, the Street Food Tour took us to some of the most picturesque places in the country, and gave us the opportunity to appreciate golden hours and golden moments aplenty with insanely talented street food vendors and thousands of wonderful festival attendees across the UK. Hopefully, you were lucky enough to join us at one or more of our events in 2019, in what was our biggest year yet; nine weekends of street food madness, and as we look to the future, we're only just getting started...

Back in May, things kicked off with an explosion of colour and fun as we brought Swansea Street Food Festival back to the Museum Park. Sharing the weekend with Swansea Pride, the biggest bank holiday party in South Wales ensued. A selection of some of our favourite vendors brought their A-game, and the Pop Up Bar Hire sales were through the roof. The Westival boys rocked up with three days worth of party pumpers and served up tasty tunes across the weekend, and with Pride parading through the site on a heaving Saturday, it really was one for the history books.

Then, we took a drive to the South East coast as Sussex Street Food Festival descended upon Hastings. Amongst the awesome line up was a serious selection of Southeast Asian cuisine, and boy did they go down well. Another bank holiday success, and May ticked off.

If we're talking excitement levels for the Street Food Warehouse gang, June felt like December. Why? Because between 14-16, we were looking at Pembrokeshire Street Food Festival - it's like our Christmas!

The fourth Pembrokeshire Street Food Festival was, as predicted, a massive success. Located upon the picturesque setting on South Beach, Tenby, thousands of hungry foodies arrived to chow down on a bang-tidy selection of street food. Bao Selecta were selling buns quicker than they could make 'em, and we were absolutely thrilled to see family-run cheesecake champs Dutty's embark on only their second ever event! Did they sell out? Silly question, really.

Local party-starters in the form of the Westival resident DJs returned to the fold, turning the marquee into a makeshift dancefloor on Saturday night, whilst we also welcomed young children and doggos aplenty for what several punters claimed was one of the best family-friendly events in the area across the summer period. You'll have to judge that for yourself, and come along in 2020.

July went by quicker than you could say 'Mac and Cheese', as we hit the road up and down the country to deliver big street food vibes to Dorset, Aberystwyth and Somerset. Beginning at the beautiful coastal town of Lyme Regis, Dorset Street Food Festival entailed three idyllic days of sitting on that hill with the sun beaming down, and a long ol' line of street food to get stuck into. Tucking into Little Marrakesh's Moroccan chicken whilst staring at the purple sunset was a summer highlight for us.

From the South West of England to the West of Wales, our tour then debuted in Aberystwyth. The sun shone in our blessed homeland, as we brought a highly-lauded army of street food vendors. The mayor popped in for a bite amongst heaps of others, and it was a weekend of celebration all round as graduating students joined us at the Marina.

Another debut saw us back down south, as Somerset Street Food Festival arrived for the first time in Weston-super-Mare. At Italian Gardens, a mere amble away from the famous pier, with water fountains and cocktails flowing in equal measure, it was a pleasure to see so many punters from Weston and beyond heading home each evening with full bellies and smiling faces.

On our old stomping ground of Ilfracombe, it was our fifth (yes, fifth!) year of Devon Street Food Festival, and it was by far the most successful year we've had there so far. The weather was incredible, the place was bustling, and the setting was spectacular. Similarly, we got super lucky in Milford Haven with glistening sunshine for our second stint of the summer in Pembrokeshire. You'll have to check out this video to see just how awesome that weekend was.

Then, to wrap things up it was a biggy - the Welsh Street Food Awards in partnership with Hellmann's. Back where it all began at Museum Park, Swansea, Welsh vendors battled it out for the two places at the British Street Food Awards later this year. Pink Peppercorn took the judges prize for their phenomenal, Welsh-history-inspired dishes, whilst Malaysian maestros Makasih won the public vote for their array of Asian delights. A huge congratulations to both, as well as all vendors at the event. You could never get the Street Food Warehouse staff to pick just two - we love you all!

And just like that, summer was gone. 2019, the summer of street food. So... What now? Well, with vendor applications opening again soon for our 2020 events, there's no rest for the wicked. We'll soon be putting the forms on each individual event page and social media profile as they are released, so for the vendors - keep a keen eye out.

As for you street food punters, Street Food Warehouse are available to you! Street food continues to explode in popularity, and as such, our events calendar next year is expanding even further. But how about some street food at your event? Whether it's a birthday party, wedding or private function, hit us up at Street Food Warehouse if you want to get street food-y!


We value all feedback for our street food festivals. If you want to get in touch, email us: [email protected]

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