Throw it back to last summer for a second. 2018: the heat, the good times and of course, the food. One of our favourite weekends of 2018 here at Street Food Warehouse Headquarters was the Pembrokeshire Street Food Festival. So, incredible news for all of us that on 14th - 16th June, we're bringing it back to Tenby for the third year in a row! Joined by a whole host of creative and unique street food vendors, we will also be joined by our very own sister company, Pop Up Bar Hire, who will be keeping your glasses full for the entire weekend. Street Food Warehouse will welcome eager customers from West Wales and beyond; curious foodies, festival lovers and sun-soakers. From 12pm until 10pm over a three-day food extravaganza, you can join us for every meal of the day; a late breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, dessert and supper - there’s something for everyone, and every meal.There are some seriously wholesome vendors booked at Pembs, with regular SFW bookings and some newbies too, all serving delicious food with a smile and a story behind them.Gourmet Street Kitchenbring their damn fine Mac 'n' Cheese back to Tenby, the face-fuzz taco wizards atThe Bearded Taco return, and there's another round ofIce Green

on the menu for those who couldn't get enough of their vegan dairy treats last summer. 

At Street Food Warehouse HQ, we're not really sure what constitutes 'British' street food, eclectic as it is. What we do know though, is that at Pembrokeshire Street Food Festival you'll be offered food from all parts of the globe. Street Food South West will be serving up the Moroccan deliciousness; Meating Point are getting you to the Greek; Bao Selecta take you to Taiwan; Chai Street have got your Indian cravings covered. 

Pop Up Bar Hire will be on hand to provide the goods, be it a pint of craft beer or a zesty, refreshing mojito in the hot, summer weather. Designated driver? Pop Up Bar have a delicious range of non-alcoholic drinks to be purchased too!

At Street Food Warehouse we ensure that everyone is catered for. Our selection of street food vendors travel from all over the UK with their tasty dishes and have the ability to cater for gluten and dairy intolerances, vegans, veggies and carnivores alike! This family-friendly event has something for everyone... even dogs, who are always welcome to our events!

We feel like we’re forgetting to mention something? Hmmm... Perhaps that 2019 is the year that Street Food Warehouse will be sponsored by the UK’s number one hot pepper sauce brand, Encona! At Pembrokeshire Street Food Festival, a number of our vendors will be incorporating Encona’s range of sauces into their favourite dishes ready for you to try!

A weekend of outstanding food, refreshing beverages and good vibes - the only thing missing is you! Tickets are free, so you’d really struggle to find an excuse to not come along. Register for your free tickets here and you'll be in with a chance to win x4 street food meals and cocktails, all sponsored by Encona! 

We’ll see you soon, Pembs! 



Prepare yourselves for a hot summer! Summer 2019 will see the UK’s number 1 hot pepper sauce, Encona, travel the UK alongside Street Food Warehouse as they join us on this year’s Street Food Festival Tour.Starting in Swansea’s Museum Park, our Street Food Festival Tour in association with Encona kicks off on the 4th May 2019. Encona x Street Food Warehouse’s tasty summer tour stops at nine seaside destinations this summer, so keep your eyes peeled for more event announcements in the near future.A variety of the Encona sauces will be incorporated into a number of independent street food vendors delicious dishes. From low and slow, American style BBQ meat to Malaysian cuisine and seafood specialities, you can try it all at any 2019 Street Food Festival. Better yet, if you love the dishes you’ve sampled, the delicious Encona dishes will have their recipes published on our website, so you can create that street food taste at home!Take this opportunity to become an Encona Taste Explorer and follow the entire tour from destination to destination. Try each vendor’s Encona incorporated dish to become a certified Taste Explorer and bag yourself an Encona x Street Food Warehouse T-Shirt!In the run-up to the festivals, we will be hosting a number of social media competitions and goodie giveaways in association with Encona sauces. Keep a lookout on our social media channels for more information!We’re extremely excited to have Encona on board for this year’s Street Food Festivals, making this summer even hotter!Stay up to date with all of the festival news on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram




Something happened with British bread in the last century. While our European cousins would balk at the prospect of settling for duff loaves and rolls, Britain got used to the pallid, additive-rich floppy sliced white which shifts by the ton in supermarkets. While it might have had a longer shelf life than traditional bread, it certainly doesn’t taste as good.But we’re in the midst of something of a bread renaissance right now –  shout out Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry - and the fair city of Cardiff is getting stuck right in, with some truly sensational bread being produced in and around the Welsh capital.So, join us as we take a look at some of the city’s upper crust.

Alex Gooch Bakery, Pontcanna

Top baker Alex Gooch has gone from being a one-man operation in Hay-On-Wye to supplying some of south Wales’ best eateries – including the feted Hardwick near Abergavenny and the Bar 44 Spanish restaurants in Cardiff and Penarth. He’s recently opened a bakery shop in the artisanal haven of the King’s Road Yard (where you can also find the Street Food Warehouse team!), which is open between Wednesday and Saturday.

Nata & Co, various locations

The Portuguese, it must be said, don’t muck about when it comes to bread - theirs are some of the finest baked goods on the entire continent. While this mini chain of Portuguese bakeries are famed (and rightly so) for their titular custard tarts, they’re no slouches when it comes to bread either. Whether it’s a crusty roll or their superb cornbread, don’t sleep on Nata.

Pettigrew Bakery, Victoria Park

A linchpin of the burgeoning Victoria Park food scene, Pettigrew Bakery has been serving up top-notch bread and assorted other baked goods since 2016. Their sourdough loaves and baguettes are spoken about in hushed reverence by bread aficionados across the city, and they also run day courses so you can get in on the yeasty action at home.

Riverside Sourdough, Riverside/Roath Market

Starting life as part of the Hungry Planet wholefoods initiative, Riverside Sourdough was spun out of the scheme when it wound down in 2013. Don’t be fooled by the name – the bread gets baked east of the river over in Cathays, at the Embassy Cafe. You can find its excellent wares at Roath and Riverside markets every Saturday and Sunday respectively.

Brød, Pontcanna

Scandi hygge merchants Brød have been dishing out some first-class baked goods to the already spoilt-for-choice denizens of Canton and Pontcanna since opening their doors in 2015. You’ll be hard pushed to find many sandwich loaves better that the ones you’ll find here.

Brutons & Co, various locations

We couldn’t write a list of bakeries in Cardiff without including the scene OGs. The Grangetown-based local chain has been in business since 1898, and survived a tough time which saw other local Welsh bakeries (pour some out for Ferraris) fall by the wayside, priced out by supermarkets and the unstoppable rise of Greggs. Brutons is your go-to for a no-nonsense loaf served with an extra helping of good old-fashioned Cardiff charm.Which ones have we missed? Tell us on Facebook on Twitter.



The irrepressible rise of street food over the last decade has paved the way for creatives and foodie gurus to combine their talents to deliver food that not only tastes great, put looks funky and unique. Whilst chefs should always be prioritising flavour over anything else, the aesthetic value placed on street food is high. It's one thing to take a bite of something delicious, but there's also plenty of satisfaction in sticking a pic of it on the 'gram, too. With this in mind, we've done some digging to find some of the most colourful dishes being served at Swansea Street Food Festival 2019. There is some serious competition knocking about the Museum Park on May bank holiday (4 - 6 May), and we may only have scratched the surface here. But if you're about the look as well as the taste, this one is definitely for you. 

MURRAY MAY'S: Smoked Lamb Shawarma



Mac and Cheese might get a bit of bad press when it comes to colours. Some may claim there's not a lot you can do with a beige dish, tasty though it may be. Well, The Gourmet Street Kitchen are gonna stop you right there. Behold, their Popeye's Pesto dish. Blending their signature pasta with spinach, goats cheese, peas & pine nuts, as well as some sundried tomatoes, here we have the perfect summery bite for you to tuck into; bright, light and damn tasty. 



If Ron and Lyn of The Dog House know one thing, it's how to whip up a good lookin' dog. From the converted horse box comes a range of meaty delights, and don't they just look incredible. Our pick is their Kaiser Dog, which constitutes of a Vienna Beef Frank Sauerkraut, gherkins, curry ketchup, mustard, potato Salad and Wasabi Crisps. Oh my drool. Their outrageous chilli dog is also worth a mention, which is so tasty that it topped the bill for one of our crew members Jake as his favourite dish of the entire festival season last summer. 


MAKASIH: Beef Rendang

Malaysian heaven awaits at the Makasih stand at Swansea Street Food Festival. The family-run business prides itself on hearty, Malaysian-inspired dishes both meaty and veggie, with the most popular being their gorgeous Beef Rendang. The picture speaks for itself, really - it's so pretty and lovely! Topping their coconut-infused Basmati rice with tender beef, pickle red cabbage, cucumber, coriander, toasted sesame seeds and fresh chilli slices, a flavour-explosion awaits, with a wonderful taste pallet with the colours to match.


BEARDED TACO: Rage Against The Tagine

Street food stalwarts The Bearded Taco are firm favourites for many street-foodies across the country. Sian and Jake, from Cardiff and California, have used their travelling experience as first-hand research in the art of vibrant, tasty and colourful food, which they serve with a smile from their converted transit van - which, once upon a time, was a police riot van! The only ructions it's faced with now though are the big ol' queues for Sian and Jake's tacos. Our colourful pick is their zesty dish, Rage Against The Tagine (nice). Think Moroccan chicken & stone-fruit tagine with all the colourful trimmings; carrot, almond & chickpea slaw, harissa yogurt & fresh coriander. Another seriously summery treat for you guys to enjoy with us in the Swansea sunshine. 


Haven't signed up for a free ticket to Swansea Street Food Festival 2019 yet? Get on it here, and you'll be in with a chance of winning a whole bunch of foodie and cocktail prizes. 



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Can you believe it’s March already? We sure can’t! The summer months are creeping up on us, and it’s all stations go at the Street Food Warehouse Headquarters. It's come around quick, and we're absolutely buzzing to announce our second destination for the Street Food Warehouse Tour of 2019.So, without further ado, the second stop of our Street Food Warehouse tour is the delightful county of Sussex! Street Food Warehouse returns for its second year to the picturesque seaside town of Hastings, pitching up at The Stade. Joined by a whole host of creative and unique street food vendors, we will also be joined by our very own sister company, Pop Up Bar Hire, who will be keeping your glasses full for the entire weekend. Street Food Warehouse will welcome eager customers, curious foodies and Sussex locals from 12pm until 10pm over a three-day food extravaganza, so you can join us for every meal of the day; a late breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, dessert and supper, there’s something for everyone and every meal.Wake up your taste buds with flavoursome and spicy Vietnamese morsels; gorge on all things cheesy with gorgeous halloumi fries, worthy of an Instagram cheese-pull; travel to Thailand for some tantalising Thai food. Did you know the Spanish delicacy, the churro, is a favourite breakfast food across Portugal, Spain, France and the Philippines? We know what we’re having for breakfast come the weekend of 25th May!Whether you’re a savoury kinda dude or in need of a sweet treat, Street Food Warehouse and our wonderful crew of street food vendors have got you covered. However, you’ll certainly need a drink or two in between courses. Thankfully, Pop Up Bar Hire will be on hand to provide the goods, be it a pint of craft beer or a zesty, refreshing mojito in the hot, summer weather. Designated driver? Pop Up Bar have a delicious range of non-alcoholic drinks to be purchased too!So, apart from you, of course, who else will be attending? Tiny Thai, Chopperwhoppers, Polentista, Manjula, CaPhe Republic and The Tipsy Texan are just a few of the vendors who have been confirmed. Keep your eyes peeled for more local and national vendor announcements over the next few weeks!At Street Food Warehouse we ensure that everyone is catered for. Our selection of street food vendors travel from all over the UK with their tasty dishes and have the ability to cater for gluten and dairy intolerances, vegans, veggies and carnivores alike! This family-friendly event has something for everyone... even dogs, who are always welcome to our events!We feel like we’re forgetting to mention something? Hmmm... Perhaps that 2019 is the year that Street Food Warehouse will be sponsored by the UK’s number one hot pepper sauce brand, Encona! At Sussex Street Food Festival, a number of our vendors will be incorporating Encona’s range of sauces into their favourite dishes ready for you to try!A weekend of outstanding food, refreshing beverages and good vibes - the only thing missing is you! Tickets are free, so you’d really struggle to find an excuse to not come along. Register for your free tickets here!We’ll see you soon, Sussex!




Street Food Warehouse are incredibly proud to announce our latest partnership with Cancer Research UK’s Race for Life for the coming Summer. We feel humbled to be a part of something that's so close to so many hearts, and we’re excited to do our bit in the fight against cancer.

In 1994, Cancer Research began hosting the Race for Life with over 6 million participants running the race and fighting the fight between then and now, raising over £493 million for the charity. With multiple races across Britain, Cancer Research have expanded their range of races, with 5K runs, 10k and the Pretty Muddy races. Not only have Cancer Research expanded upon the types of races but 2019 will be the first year that men can also participate in the race - how cool is that?

With the help of people like you and us, the money raised for Cancer Research goes towards the funding to find a cure for cancer; they’ve even assisted in developing policies with the government in relation to cancer and research!

So it’s safe to say when the opportunity arose for Street Food Warehouse to partner with Cancer Research and the Race for Life, it was a no brainer.

So, just what exactly will Street Food Warehouse be doing?

 Street Food Warehouse have been tasked with putting their street food expertise into finding and supplying delicious, unique and flavoursome street food to feed hungry racers and peckish spectators. We’ve dived head first into the task, with applications now open for street food vendors to take part in this tremendous opportunity.  Street Food Warehouse will partner with Cancer Research Race for Life in Swansea, Bridgend, Cardiff, Llanelli and Haverfordwest from May - July 2019.You can find Street Food Warehouse and a variety of excellent street food vendors at the following events:

So why not come and say hi? Whether you’re a runner or spectator cheering on from the sidelines, everyone is welcome and there’s plenty of food to go around! Perhaps we’ve inspired you to go from spectator to sprinter, well good news! You can apply for a race near you from the Cancer Research website: (We’re not kidding when we say there’s plenty to choose from!) We’re so excited to do our part to support Cancer Research Race for Life, we hope you’ll join us in fighting the fight this Summer!

Street Food Warehouse support Cardiff Music Awards 2019

The biggest night for music in Cardiff is back, and Street Food Warehouse will be rolling in with a delicious offering...


We get around. From Hastings in Sussex, to Ilfracombe in Devon, to Aberystwyth in West Wales, we bring our touring street food collective all around the UK, but we are Cardiff based and supporting this wonderful city is something we feel very strongly about. Big up the 'diff! So, when we were given the opportunity to supply one of our outstanding street food vendors for the Cardiff Music Awards 2019 we jumped at the chance!



The Cardiff Music Awards begun in 2015, making this year's awards ceremony the fourth annual celebration of Cardiff's music talent. Over the years the project has expanded to take into account new categories, new talent and is fastly becoming a seal of approval of up and coming music talent, in Cardiff and beyond. This year's event is taking place in Tramshed on 29th March, and we are buzzing!



There were over 3000 nominations for this year's event and the 200 + finalists have been announced - you can find a full list here. Alongside the 20 bespoke awards such as Best Group, Best Venue, Best Breakthrough Act, Best Club Night and Outstanding Contribution to name just a few, there will also be performances from CHROMA MADI, Mace, HANA2K and DJ Jaffa. As if that wasn't enough, this year will also be hosted by Best DJ winners from 2018 GRLTLK.



So, what about the food we hear you ask....don't worry we've picked a tasty one. Always the most colourful vendor at any event, we present to you Little Marrakesh who will be serving up delicious Chicken, Lamb and Vegan Chickpea Shawarma wraps stuffed full of tasty couscous and fresh salad. 


18:00 until late you will be able to grab some mouthwatering Moroccan morsels, while enjoying Cardiff's hottest talent....what more could you want?


Tickets are just £15 and you'll receive a fresh and fruity free cocktail on entry from Barti Rum, one of the event’s sponsors. Great music, banging street food, free cocktail - we're sold! 

STREET FOOD HACKS: How to stuff yourself for under £15 at Swansea Street Food Festival!


Yikes! We hate to admit it, but eating out is expensive and street food is no different. Whilst our vendors prices aren’t extortionate, it’s difficult to sample everything you like the look of (and we’re aware there’s a lot) as an individual, let alone as a family. So, this year, we’re releasing a series of Street Food Hacks for the festival season - starting with “How to Stuff Yourself for Under £15.00 at Swansea Street Food Festival.” As always, there’s something for everyone.


For the cheese-lovers:

There’s all kinds of cheese at Swansea Street Food Festival, in every shape and form of cheesy goodness you can imagine. (Note: The reality is probably far better than you can ever imagine).To start, we’d recommend a not-so-light but hella cheesy Mr. Croquewich’s Grilled Cheese Sandwich for £6.00. Britain's sweetheart Holly Willoughby called it the “best grilled cheese,” she'd ever tasted, and Mr. Croquewich is a favourite amongst many. There are plenty of extra goodies to fill out your choice of grilled cheese and most recently, Mr. Croquewich has replicated all of his favourite sandwiches with vegan alternatives! What can’t you do, Mr. Croquewich?!For the main course, you’re a bit spoilt for choice! Clark’s Kitchen specialises in a national favourite, halloumi. Cooking up a storm, Clark’s halloumi fries make for a notorious cheese-pull on the 'gram, and as if halloumi fries don’t sound great enough, they come topped with a whole host of extra bits! We’d recommend the homemade tzatziki and a sprinkling of pomegranate seeds.However, you may be after something a bit more filling! Clark’s Kitchen whips up a mean halloumi burger; a deep fried halloumi patty topped with cheddar slices, salad and sweet chilli sauce to compliment, all packed into one brioche bun. It’s no wonder it’s known as the ultimate cheeseburger. Grab either the fries or the burger for £6.00.If you’re still on the hunt for delicious dairy, Urban Cheesecake is most definitely the place for you. Built upon a delightfully crumbly biscuit base, Urban Cheesecake whip up the perfect storm, creating the angelically sweet and creamy topping they are known for so well. Topped with a mountain of treats and drizzled with complimentary sauces, a slice of heaven comes in at £3.00.

Total: £15.00

For those who are vegetarian/vegan:

 The world is split on the vegan movement, but here at Street Food Warehouse HQ we say heck yeah to veganism! A delicious movement that helps save the planet, how can anyone disagree with veganism? Luckily for dedicated or budding vegans and vegetarians, we have a hoard of vendors replicating original recipes with vegan alternatives and delving head first into the world of veg.Starting in Morocco, Little Marrakesh, lives up to its namesake and is one of the most colourful vendors in Museum Park. There’s nothing little about Little Marrakesh; big colours and big portions allow the Moroccan-style vendors to leave a big impression in the city of Swansea. Start your day the right way with an abundance of veggies within the vegan chickpea tagine, coming in at £6.00.Another colourful vendor follows suit in the form of Murray May’s. Inspired by the cuisine and culture of Istanbul, Murray May’s dishes are certainly easy on the eye and on the taste buds. Each dish is generously topped with Eastern spices, rainbow veggies and a sprinkling of pomegranate seeds. Try their fire roasted aubergine kebab/wrap for £6.00.End the day on a lighter note with Ice Green, it’s like ice cream just without the, well… cream. Find Amy, the genius behind the vegan friendly and dairy-free ice cream movement in her pretty, pastel-coloured caravan. Serving up all of your traditional favourites, Ice Green go the extra mile with flavours such as Black Forest, Rhubarb and Custard and Caramel Honeycomb to name just a few! Better yet, all ice creams are served in a homemade and (yep, you guessed it) gluten-free cone! All for the price of £1.50, extra toppings are 50p each.

Total: £14.50/£15.00

For those on a Treat Day:

 If there’s one thing you’re pretty much guaranteed to get at a street food festival, it’s larger than life portions of great, hearty and probably not-so-healthy food. But hey, everyone deserves a treat day once in a while! Burgers, pizzas and monstrous milkshakes are just the basics of what’s on this menu. You won’t find a cheaper treat day than this anytime soon.Make a statement with your first choice for the day and begin with Spicer’s Meat Wagon. This meat wagon is your answer to the perfect summer BBQ, serving up low and slow American style BBQ meat with a unique twist. Kick off this summer’s day with a life changing BBQ burger, the 'Coke and Bourbon Chicken Burger', for no more than £6.00.Modo sure know their Italian food. They return to Museum Park with their infamous Arancini Balls and that chocolate filled calzone we all know and love so well, the panzerotti. However, if we really want to indulge in a proper treat day and get the most for our money, the Italian style, wood-fired pizzas are the way to go. With a variety of toppings available, these pizzas vary in the price range of £6.00 to £7.00, but we assure you they’re totally worth the extra £1.Does anyone really need a 20oz milkshake? Well, now you do. Orgazmic Milkshake serve up a variety of milkshakes that range in size from 12oz to the whopping 20oz. These cheekily named vendors are always a hit at Museum Park and it’s not hard to see why, with a 20oz milkshake for £5.00. We’re already making our way to the queue!

Total: £15.00

For the couple that love sharing:

 Ok, we should mention that this section isn’t exclusively for couples because if we’re talking from experience, we don’t know many couples who are actually willing to share food with one another? You can be best friends or a person who just doesn’t listen to serving portion guidelines, we’ve all been there and your lying if you haven’t. Remember that share bag you totally didn’t share? Yeah.Returning to Morocco for Little Marrakesh, these street food vendors make a delightful sharing platter for two (or one, there’s no judgement here) for under £10.00. Fork out £4.50 each for this heavenly platter for two. £9.00.It’s not just ice cream that Ice Green specialise in, prepare yourself for a hefty portion of waffles and ice cream. If you’re trying to convince your S.O that vegan-friendly doesn’t have to be a “bowl of leaves” then this is the time to do it! Stock up on all of the gluten-free waffles topped with dairy-free, vegan ice cream while you can! £5.00, spruce up your ice cream & waffles with extra toppings for 50p each.

Total: £14.00

For those who wish they were in Mexico:

 The weather may be hotter than we could have imagined, the sun might well be blaring down on Museum Park and the beach is only a few steps away. But somehow, even when we’re stood in the best of Swansea weather with a crisp, refreshing beer in hand, we still can’t help but pine for foreign lands. Well, make the most of the situation and eat the best Mexican food in the park. One bite in and we’re convinced we’re sunning ourselves in Cancun.First stop, Dog House. Known for their gourmet hot dogs that would sure enough beat any German hot dog you’ve consumed at your local Christmas market, Dog House are also responsible for some of the best nachos to ever grace the city of Swansea. Start small and light with a portion of their cheesy nachos for the unbelievably small price of £3.00 or go big with their full blown chilli cheese nachos for £6.00.Dogs can even receive a free bag of sausage slices from the lovely people behind Dog House!The next stop in Mexico, Bearded Taco. These tacos are pretty extraordinary and not because they’re bearded. Bearded Taco allow you to travel the world without leaving Museum Park, we’re talking German Schnitzel Tacos, Vietnamese Bahn Mi Tacos or even Britain’s favourite, the fish finger taco. Veggie, vegan and meaty options available, these tacos come with the added bonus of being £6.00 for two!


Finish the day with a street food classic. These delightful, deep-fried dough pastries are better known as churros, popular in countries such as Spain, Portugal and the Philippines. Originating in Spain, this fried dough dish is blanketed in sugar or alternatively cinnamon sugar is complimented wonderfully with a chocolate dipping sauce. All for the price of £3.00.

Total: £12.00/£15.00

For those who want to travel the world in 8 hours:

We’d be lying if we said we hadn’t felt inspired by that American couple on Facebook who sold all their belongings to travel the world in their decked out old school bus. However, for some of us it’s just not feasible (who would arrange these wonderful street food festivals for you if we were to leave?!) So, we’re here to offer the next best thing. Forget travelling the world in 80 days, travel in just 8 hours.Starting in Malaysia with Makasih, these street food vendors have been inspired by Malaysian culture, cuisine and through the use of original recipes, Makasih should certainly not be missed on your trip around the world. Opt for their Laksa noodles, made up of chicken, bamboo shoots, rice noodles and egg cooked in a coconut milk broth for £6.00.Next on our Bucket List is Greece, where we return to easy-on-the-eye Murray May’s for a taste of their Chicken Shish Kebab. Fresh, homemade pitta dough wraps this tender, juicy chicken with an assortment of delicious veggies, eastern spices and homemade tzatziki that makes Murray May’s famous Shish Kebab. All for £6.00.Finish the day back in the comfort of your own home with the best of Welsh doughnuts. A famous figure in the city of Swansea, Gower Doughnut Co. sets up in Museum Park for the first time to sell their delicious and very affordable treats. Changing their flavours seasonally, who knows what they’ll have in store for us this summer but with previous flavours such as lemon drizzle, salted caramel and even Snickers for the price of £2.00 each, we’re sure we won’t be disappointed.

Total: £14.00

For those who are Really Just Big Kids:

 Quick! Unleash your inner child! Whether you can’t trust yourself around sugary delights at home or perhaps your S.O is strict on sweet treats in the house, now is your time to run wild and free. Avert your eyes if you like olives and other savoury “treats.”There’s a noticeable increase of vendor stops on this list than the previous, which may require more walking. But fear not, the amount of sugar you’re about to consume should have you running around like a six year old in Disneyland fuelled by nothing but pure fizzy drinks and sweets.Beginning at Ice Green, it may not be the typical ice cream that you may have wanted as a kid but just like children. You can’t tell the difference. Treat yourself to two scoops of Ice Green’s delicious dairy-free and vegan friendly ice cream for £3.00 and let your inner child pick the toppings for 50p each. Price will vary from £3.00 - £5.00. I scream, you scream, we all scream for Ice Green!Next, run to Chock-Shop where you will collect the gooiest, chocolatey brownie to ever touch your lips. Whether you’re a corner person or middle piece picker, these brownies are guaranteed to change your life. Who wants a life changing experience for £3.00? We do! We do! We do!This would be a really great time for your trainers to light up, as you speed away to your next stop. Back to the cheekily named vendors, Orgazmic Milkshake, for a whopper of a milkshake. The 20oz is big enough to defeat a large man, but not you and your inner child, there’s no stopping the sugar rush and the sugar rush is certainly not stopping you. 20OZ milkshake please sir. £5.00.There’s £2.00 left of your pocket money. Where do you go? Of course you head straight to Gower Donut Co. for those sugar covered, doughnuts that ooze with the best homemade flavours. Mouthwatering. Finish your day with a sugar filled and sugar coated Gower Doughnut Co. £2.00.*Sugar crash.*

Total: £13.00/£15.00

For those who Love the Taste of Italy:

 It’s undeniable that Italy have produced some of the best food. Ever? Ever. Have you ever met a person who doesn’t like Italian food? Chances are - no. But if you are unfortunate enough to bump into one, don’t trust them. How can you trust someone who doesn’t like the doughy texture of pizza that oozes with cheese and toppings of your choice, or someone who isn’t comforted by the warm, homely, filling taste of pasta. The price of good Italian food can be quite unfriendly to the contents of our wallets but it’s the price you pay for delicious food. Nevertheless, we’re about to show you how to have a good time with Italian food whilst still having change in your purse.Where else to begin but Modo? Formerly known as Fritti Italian, they have been major hits in Swansea over previous years with their infamous arancini balls. Risotto is cooked and mixed with mozzarella, moulded into balls and covered in breadcrumbs before being deep fried. Buon Appetito, Arancini Balls! Get 3 for £6.00.Mac’n’Cheese, it’s a bit of a controversial one. Has the meal become too americanised or as a pasta based dish do its roots still lie deep in Italia? For the sake of this blog, we’re saying Italy. Gooey, cheesy and oozing guilty pleasure, as if Mac’n’Cheese isn’t all we could have wished for and more, Gourmet Street Kitchen go ahead and offer us a world of toppings to add extra flavour to an already delicious cuisine. Welsh bacon bits, mushrooms and garlic are just a few of the toppings available. Oh, Gourmet Street Kitchen you really have spoilt us… And all for £6.50.Ice Green, Ice Green… You just never disappoint. But what other dessert could you possibly finish off a day of Italian food with other than ice cream? Grab yourself 1 scoop of Ice Green’s finest for £1.50.

Total: £15.50 (Some things are worth making 50p sacrifices for)


So - options aplenty down at the Swansea Street Food Festival as a weekend of full bellies awaits. To secure your entry at peak times, and to be in with a chance of winning x4 free meals and cocktails at the festival, head over to book yourself a free ticket here.

In Praise of... Cardiff Market


In town? Hungry? Want something a little out of the ordinary but don’t fancy paying an enormous amount of money? Then you’d better make a beeline towards Cardiff market.This double-floored retail warren, operating since the 19th century - is home to local businesses old and new – everyone from Ashtons Fishmongers who’ve been trading since 1866 to cheeky third-wave coffee scamps Hard Lines, purveyors of some of the city’s finest caffeinated brews – and non-caffeinated for that matter, as they’ve just launched their first decaf.Here’s just a few reasons why we love it…

There’s absolutely loads to choose from

While the market traditionally was a place to get a cheap greasy breakfast or a filled roll for lunch the past few years have seen a cluster of new eateries spring up.There’s certainly a lot to chose from: Thai Delish serves up spicy curries and pad Thai to an eager queue of builders and office workers every day, hot and straight from the wok. A few steps up, the Penylan Cheese Pantry doesn’t just proffer a salivating array of lactic delights, it’ll knock you up a gourmet toastie comprised of some of its wares for a fiver or less.Upstairs, you’ll find the new home of travelling pizza wizards Ffwrnes. Theirs is some of the best pizza in the entire city and you can enjoy it with a marvellous view of the market at no extra cost.

You don’t have to spend much money

Even though the market has gone quietly upscale the past few years, you don’t have to splash the cash.In fact, one of our favourite bites to eat here is the chili paneer roll from Clancy’s. At just £1.80 warmed up it represents outstanding value for money.You can also bag yourself a little something sweet for pennies too – warm Welshcakes, straight of the griddle will cost you 35p. Or how about a cheese bap for the princely sum of £1.20?

There’s lots of vegetarian stuff

Yes, the various butcher shops which occupy the one wall of the market might be home to some rather visceral sights which would challenge the most ardent carnivores – pig trotters and heads, cow tongues and the like. But there’s plenty to enjoy for vegans and veggies too. Not least Milgi, the much-celebrated City Road vegetarian eatery and cocktail bar which has a fabulously appointed store in the market.

All life is here

Whether you’re picking up some fruit and veg or biting into a gourmet scotch egg, there’s few better places for people-watching and ear-wigging than the market.And then there’s the shops: from hardware and haberdashery to wigs and Welsh souvenirs, Cardiff market’s got the lot.

New things are popping up all the time

The market is on a bit of a roll at the moment, with new vendors popping up all the time. Newcomer Sage for instance, is currently causing a stir with its sandwiches and salads.It’s super-cheap to set up here – £24 a week to be precise – which means that it’s a perfect place for people to experiment with ideas or for travelling food stalls to set up their first permanent shop. In fact, two stall have recently become available… who know what we’ll be seeing in the market next?