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This Saturday (4 May 2019) the Swansea Pride Parade will be marching right through Swansea Street Food Festival in Museum Park, in all of their rainbow coloured glory. There’s no doubt about it - this colourful crowd will definitely have some hungry mouths to feed. Thankfully, many of our lovely street food vendors are jumping on the bandwagon and offering some tasty street food to the pride participants with a hankering for some mouthwatering cuisine, as Street Food Warehouse proudly offer Pride 2019 volunteers discount tokens to enjoy the festivities at a cut-rate price.

So, which vendors are in the line-up to feed these peckish pride paraders?

Makasih: Cravin’ Malaysian!

A family team serving up mouthwatering Malaysian cuisine. Authentic, spicy as you like and flawlessly tasty. The chicken roti has become the stuff of legends and must not be missed! Did we mention that their food looks great on the gram? Take a snap before tucking in!

Spicers’ Meat Wagon: Low and Slow - Smoking!

It’s not a Bank Holiday weekend without a BBQ. Spicers’ Meat Wagon is manned by the meatilicious Dr. Beef and partner Roz, who specialise in the treatment of tantalizing your tastebuds. Pulled pork, beautifully slow braised beef, succulent pork belly and juicy buffalo chicken - just what you need after a busy day at the parade!

Gourmet Street Kitchen: Cheesey, Gooey & Oh So Moreish Mac’n’Cheese

Gourmet Street Kitchen are the vendors responsible for the most mouthwatering, moreish and oh so tasty Mac’n’Cheese. The ultimate crowd pleaser, GSK will offer a variety of mac’n’cheese dishes to the peckish paraders. Choose your toppings and chow down!

3 Little Pigs: Grilled Greek Goodness

More than just food, 3 Little Pigs dishes are made with cultural heritage, philosophy and recipes passed down over generations and they’re all the more tasty for it! Pride participants will be transported with just one bite from Museum Park to a beautiful Greek island.

Pink Peppercorn: As Welsh As It Comes

From their pinker than pink caravan, Pink Peppercorn are offering pride paraders a range of authentic Welsh dishes using local and seasonal produce created and cooked to restaurant standard! From salt marsh lamb shoulder with Pembrokeshire potatoes to ham hock cawl with heritage carrots - eat classy at this caravan!

Pakora Pod: No Allergens, No Problem!

No wheat, no dairy, no nuts, no eggs, no gluten. Pakora Pod is the vendor for peckish pride paraders with a hankering for tasty vegan street food! Specialising in Indian street food, Pakora Pod make a conscious effort to make the world a better place by using only sustainable and biodegradable packaging, a friend to the earth and your tummy!

Modo: Welcome to Little Italy!

Who doesn’t love Italian food? Well, get this - Modo Italian have all the tastes and smells of Italy we know and love so well but there’s a catch - it’s deep fried. We’re talking mouth watering deep-fried pizza to warming panzerottis and those deep fried arancini balls? To die for.

The Bearded Taco: We’ve gotta taco ‘bout this…

More than just Mexican, The Bearded Taco have incorporated their moreish Mexican cuisine into global cuisines! German Schnitzel Taco? You bet it. Vietnamese Bahn Mi? Got it. Fish Finger Taco? You heard it here first. There’s even the gin and tonic tempura avocado taco - what can’t they do?!

The Pod: Absolutely Kraken!

If crispy squid is your thing then The Pod is the vendor for you this Pride Parade. We’re not squidding you when we say The Pod serve up the crispiest squid, served in a fancy little cone and showered with pickled veg - hold it up high enough and get the perfect shot for the gram!

The Orgazmic Milkshake Co.: A Big Ol’ Milkshake

Keep it sweet this Pride Parade with a creamy, mouthwatering milkshake. These cheekily named vendors are here for one reason and one reason only and that’s to ensure your inner big kid is released this weekend. From the classics to flavours beyond your imagination, these bad boys are available from 12oz to 20oz.

The Dog House: Not Your Average Dog

A sure match for those cinema treats you know and love so well. The Dog House is about to serve up some humongous hot dogs to peckish paraders, showered with gourmet toppings these hot dogs are quite literally something else. Eat alongside a generous serving of crunchy nachos topped with all of the cheese, jalapenos and guac you could ask for!

Chock Shop: Melt In Your Mouth Brownies

Chock Shop are chock-a-block with sweet treats to keep you going this Pride weekend. With plenty of crunchy corner and gooey middle pieces to go around, these brownies are like nothing you’ve ever tasted before. Choose from a variety of goodies, a showering of marshmallows, a drizzle of salted caramel or a pop of colour in the shape of a raspberry or two - after all, that’s still one of your five a day, right?

Grubshed: Fri-nally!

Last on the list of vendors partnering up with Pride is the lovely Sam and his lovely fries! Scrumptiously shambolic, these messy loaded fries are oh so worth the mess with their gorgeous, golden, crispy texture and a generous topping of whatever your heart desires. Fancying a little Mexican? You got it, soured cream and guac coming right up. Perhaps you’re after a little post-night-out guilty pleasure? There’s no better time for the British classic of baked beans and cheese.


Street Food Warehouse’s Swansea Street Food Festival is immensely proud to have this opportunity to partner with such a fantastic organisation. Don’t miss out on the shenanigans - pop by the Pride Parade, and swing into Swansea Street Food Festival all in Museum Park this Saturday from midday - grab your FREE ticket here!





Image: Jacques Boissevaine, Westival 2018

We've nailed down some of the best street food vendors in the country for this summer's Street Food Warehouse tour. Some of your favourites will be returning, and there are a whole host of newbies coming too, who could quickly become new favourites. We're also bringing our sister company, Pop Up Bar Hire, to provide the drinks, whether it be a cocktail or an ice-cold pint. Seems like the only thing missing is the tunes...

Step forward, Westival! The exciting new Pembrokeshire-based festival will be on hand at both Swansea Street Food Festival and Pembrokeshire Street Food Festival to supply the bangers with their resident DJs serving high quality Disco, House, African, Funk and Soul all weekend. We couldn't think of a better way to compliment a pint of Tenby Harbwr Brewery beer (or a tasty mojito) in the sun than having the Westival selectors rock up and spin thumpers, booters, fist-pumpers and floor-fillers as we dance with you in the Welsh sunshine. 

Image: Jacques Boissevaine, Westival 2018

This year, the Westival residents behind the decks at Swansea and Pembs will be citing influence from their own festival's incredible and eclectic line-up that includes Detroit house pioneer Marcellus Pittman, Canadian lady-of-the-moment Peach, Australian legend CC Disco and live Afro Artists such as Mim Sulieman, Afrqiuoi and Yaaba Funk. The Street Food Warehouse team are seriously hyped about Westival's sophomore outing, which takes place between 19 - 22 July. Grab yourselves a ticket at www.westival.wales and book yourself in for a weekend of the finest vibes on the West Wales coast. Be sure to keep up to date with their festival announcements (including DJ listings and street food vendors that'll be trading at their events) by following Westival's Facebook page.

Image: Jacques Boissevaine, Westival 2018

Swansea Street Food Festival 2019 takes place at Museum Park, Swansea on 4th - 6th May; Pembrokeshire Street Food Festival 2019 takes place at South Beach, Tenby on 14th - 16th June. Get the latest updates on our events - vendors, competitions and partnerships - through our Facebook and Twitter




If you're coming to see us on our street food tour, the chances are the diet is going out the window for the day. Of course, there are plenty of vendors who are serving healthy helpings of delicious food, so if you're keen to stick to your diet then we're not ones to stop you. However, we've got to tell you - some of the finest delights to be found at Pembrokeshire Street Food Festival are sugary and sweet, and they'll have you justifying a naughty dessert... if not several.We're going to be spoiled for choice at this one: brownies, ice cream, milkshakes, the lot. To get you in the mood for your final course come mid-June's street food antics, we've picked out five of the vendors serving up the sugary goodness for the sweet-tooths amongst you.

Ice Green

It wouldn't be a day by the seaside without some ice-cream, but it's not your average 99p cone being served at the Ice Green truck. The Cardigan-based ice-creamers are incredibly popular with locals, as well as anyone who's been lucky enough to catch the vintage caravan-cum-parlour at an event across the country.Not only are they serving some of the most delicious ice-cream you can imagine, but they're going above and beyond in their efforts to save the planet, one dessert at a time. Dairy free, no animal products, and always wholesome ingredients.

Dutty's Cheesecake

There's quite the tale behind Dutty's Cheesecake... Dutty is the automobile that's recently been converted into a dessert-lover's dream. Having started out as a food delivery van way back in 1976, the newly renovated cheesecake wagon has recently undergone its latest transformation and is now ready to hit the road and bring Dutty's cheesecakes to Pembrokeshire and beyond. Behind Dutty are Mr and Mrs Morgan, cheesecake connoisseurs, who are - according to the sign you'll see behind their heads as they dish out their fine desserts - "making the world a better place, one slice of cheesecake at a time." We can't wait to meet the newly renovated Dutty, and grab a slice or two of the Morgans' incredible cheesecake selection. 


Taffy's Treats

Taffy's Treats aren't selling your bog-standard fudge. They don't do ordinary. No, the Taffy's gang are always pushing the boundaries and experimenting with their flavours, and we're absolutely buzzing to have them turning out at Pembrokeshire Street Food Festival to bring you all sorts of sugary delights.

Since 2015, the traditional methods of fudge-making have been paired with all manner of weird and wonderful flavours by Taffy's Treats; their 2016 best-selling 'Welsh Cake' flavoured fudge is a favourite, whilst there's also Chilli Chocolate, Raspberry Red Velvet, Bara Brith, Espresso & Chocolate and Elderflower & Lemon on the menu. Some real taste bud-tinglers here, we reckon. 


Chock Shop

As you amble through the amazing trucks, vans and stalls around Pembrokeshire Street Food Festival, there's no doubt that the Chock Shop stall will catch your eye. Mounds of chocolate-y treats sit in front of their team of brownie experts, and the multitude of flavours - peanut butter, salted caramel, Oreo, Nutella - is enough to make a sweet tooth's head spin. Plus, there are some exclusively adult choices, with some popular choices including Amaretto and Hennessey Cognac brownies.Chock Shop bring in new flavours each month, so be sure to have a right good nose around what they have to offer before you make your decision. There is, of course, the option to buy a full box of brownies, which ends up being a rather popular decision for many of their customers...

The Orgazmic Milkshake Company

The naughty-named Birmingham gang are heading back to Pembrokeshire Street Food Festival, and they're expecting big ol' queues after a booming summer of business last year. And with their eclectic menu of milkshakes and waffles, it's not hard to see why. Orgazmic Milkshake are bringing the sugar, with their loaded waffles and enormous milkshakes turning heads across street food festival grounds across the country. If you're not aware, heaven is a Ferrero Rocher milkshake. Trust us. 


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Easter is here, which means one thing: chocolate. Loads and loads of chocolate. So much chocolate you end up splayed out on the sofa in a deep stupor, watching a Pixar film you’ve probably seen about 18 times before, experiencing simultaneous feelings of deep elation and regret. Or maybe that’s just us.

But if you’re going to eat yourself into a chocolatey oblivion, it might as well be with some properly good gear – and there’s loads of it in Wales. So, join us as we embark on a Homer Simpson-esque romp through the land of chocolate…

Nom Nom, Llanboidy

Deep in the Camarthenshire countryside, there’s some Wonka-level chocolate alchemy going down. Chocolatiers Nom Nom – the name, as you might have gathered already, being a play on the literal sound of chocolate being guzzled – are doing some seriously next-level things with cocoa. Seriously, this isn’t your average chocolate: bee pollen, pink peppercorn… or how about the Limited Edition ‘Old Books’ which has flavours of  tobacco, hazelnut, essence of leather, frankincense, myrrh and oak-smoked Welsh sea salt?  The company is currently crowdfunding a new chocolate factory and visitor centre, but you can buy their wares online for now.

Wickedly Welsh Chocolate Company, Haverfordwest

Any certified chocoholic will go positively hog-wild for a visit to the Wickedly Welsh Chocolate Company. Celtic husband-and-wife duo Mark and Karen don’t just make some fantastically off-the-wall chocolate, they also have a chocolate café and a chocolate deli where you can sample all sorts of cocoa-derived delights. How about chocolate pizza, or a chocolate kebab? Truly the stuff dreams are made of.

Cwtsh Chocolate, Llanelli

Peter Lloyd, proprietor of Llanelli-based Cwtsh had interesting journey to becoming a chocolatier – he used to be mechanic before he launched the company. They sell a range of flavours from their online shop – including bubblegum, confectionary fans. They also have a tantalising range of hot chocolates and do weddings too – what better way to say ‘I do’ than with a Welsh chocolate lovespoon?

 Forever Cacao, Powys

“Oooh baby I like it raw” – or so quipped rap artist ODB in his 1995 chart smash ‘Shimmy Shimmy Ya’.  If, like Dirty, you like it raw, Forever Cacao will be right up your street. Suppliers of unroasted chocolate, this is one for the heads. They also sell ceremonial grade cacao, which is very potent stuff by all accounts. This is chocolate with a purpose: owner and head craftsman Pablo Spaull has made it his mission to help safeguard the cocoas strains of the Ashaninka, the native people of Peru and Brazil who supply Forever Cacao’s raw material.

Gower Cottage Brownies, Swansea

When Kate Jenkins launched started selling chcolate brownies to make a bit of money back in 2007, she probably didn’t imagine that her wares would be in demand all over the world. But so renowned are the choco-tastic delights emanating from her HQ that they’ve had to move to a bigger premises to meet demand. And it’s not just brownies – how about a spreadable brownie butter? It’s so good that it had noted media gourmand Jay Rayner in a later – he gave props to it in his weekly Guardian column back in 2017. You can pick up Gower Cottage’s wares in selected shops around Wales, but best bet is to visit their website.Where are your favourite spots in Wales for a choco-tastic treat? Tell us on Twitter and Facebook.



Last year, Street Food Warehouse took our street food tour to Lyme Regis for the first time. After a fantastic and super successful outing in lovely Dorset, fast forward to this year - yep, we're getting the gang back together.Those of you who came to the 2018 event will recall the following: beaming sunshine, incredible food, plenty of drinks and good times aplenty. Same again this year then? Absolutely, as between 12th - 14th July, Dorset Street Food Festival returns.Joined by a whole host of creative and unique street food vendors, Street Food Warehouse will welcome eager customers from Lyme Regis and beyond to Dorset Street Food Festival; curious foodies, festival lovers and and sun-soakers alike. From 12pm until 10pm over a three-day food extravaganza, there are menus brimming with the exciting, the exotic and the extraordinary.There are some seriously wholesome vendors booked at Dorset Street Food Festival, with regular SFW bookings and some newbies too, all serving delicious food with a smile and a story behind them. Joining our gang of innovative and unique food professionals will be our sister company

Pop Up Bar Hire. They'll be on hand to provide the drinks, be it a pint of craft beer or a zesty, refreshing mojito in the hot, summer weather. Designated driver? Pop Up Bar have a delicious range of non-alcoholic drinks to be purchased too!

At Street Food Warehouse we ensure that everyone is catered for. Our selection of street food vendors travel from all over the UK with their tasty dishes and have the ability to cater for gluten and dairy intolerances, veggies and vegans. This family-friendly event has something for everyone… even dogs, who are always welcome to our events!

We feel like we’re forgetting to mention something? Hmmm… Perhaps that 2019 is the year that Street Food Warehouse will be sponsored by the UK’s number one hot pepper sauce brand, Encona! At Dorset Street Food Festival, a number of our vendors will be incorporating Encona’s range of sauces into their favourite dishes ready for you to try!

A weekend of outstanding food, refreshing beverages and good vibes awaits – the only thing missing is you! Tickets are free, so no excuses. Register for your free tickets here and you’ll be in with a chance of winning x4 street food meals and cocktails, all sponsored by Encona!

Keep an eye out on our Facebook page for a number of foodie competitions that'll be running as we build up to the big weekend.

We’ll see you soon, Dorset!



At Street Food Warehouse, we reckon summer is best spent by the coast. Here's a fun fact: in southwest South Dakota, US, there's a town called Allen that's located around 1,023 miles from the nearest coastline. Over a thousand miles from the beach - can you imagine? None of that for you though, right Swansea? And what's better to do on the coast than eat delicious food in the sun? There are certain types of food that are synonymous with a summery UK day on the beach, and of course they're all being served atSwansea Street Food Festival! So get your suncream and flip-flops on, and head straight toward these vendors for the tastiest seaside delights you'll find all summer.

The Pod

Based in Newport,The Podis a street food restaurant located on the River Usk, slap bang in the centre of the city. Whilst their main outlet thrives, they also take their great food on the road. Seafood is one of their customer favourites, so it figures that The Pod serve up mounds of succulent, crispy squid for hungry customers from their food truck. Whether it's paired with Szechuan pepper and pickled veg or sweet chilli sauce, The Pod deliver a seaside flavour explosion, and are always a hit where ever their truck drops its anchor. What better for a seaside treat with a twist?

The Grub Shed

Chips by the seaside. Quintessentially British, isn't it?The Grub Shedare trading at Swansea Street Food Festival, and they're bringing all the chips. Or should we say... Loaded fries. So, you've got your seaside chips, but with a whole bunch of other tasty add-ons. Dreamy. The Grub Shed carefully select their local producers to compliment their delicious fries and list an eclectic menu, with the likes of beef brisket, bacon or chilli on offer to go with your chippies. Hearty beachside food with a naughty twist.

3 Little Pigs

Another favourite past-time for coastal dwellers is lighting up a barbie at the beach. Hopefully Swansea will be bringing the sunshine, but who's bringing the BBQ? Look no further than3 Little Pigs

, who will be on hand for all of your grilled chicken needs. 

According to this lot, charcoal is an ingredient. Thinking about it, there's nothing quite like the flavour of chicken souvlaki straight from the barbecue. Pairing them with a host of Greek-style ingredients means the 3 Little Pigs gang are nailing down the great sunny past time of bbq'in, and topping it with a Hellenic twist. Expect feta and tzatziki on tap. 


More seafood-y goodness here, as we take a look at what the lovely folk ofAssembellywill be cooking up for you this summer. The main man - Welsh chef Toby Bradley-Watson - has worked in some of the most famous restaurants in the world (including Rick Stein's flagship seafood restaurant in Padstow), so we're buzzing to have him bring his dab hand to Swansea Street Food Festival again this year. Whilst the menu is ever-changing, it's always playing to Toby's strengths in the seafood scene. Whether its salmon or trout, scallops or seaweed, we've no doubt this is as good as seaside delights can get at this year's festival. 

Ice Green

You didn't think we'd write about seaside treats and leave out ice cream, did you?! A trip to the coast isn't complete without a fat scoop of your favourite flavour, so we're pleased to be bringingIce Greenback to Swansea Museum Park with us for 2019. Luxurious, dairy-free and vegan. All your favourite flavours. Saving the planet and chowing down on ice-cream - sounds like a great bank holiday weekend to us. For exclusive info on event announcements, street foodie competitions, and our lovely vendors, like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. 



HARBWR Brewery Tenby join the Street Food Warehouse 2019 tour!


As a Welsh-based business, the Street Food Warehouse team love nothing more than touring our street food events across some of the most beautiful parts of the homeland. Last year saw us hitting Swansea, Pembrokeshire, Aberystwyth and Milford Haven with a horde of our favourite street food vendors, and this year we’ll be returning to these four destinations on our Street Food Tour for another summer of glorious food and, hopefully, weather.A question: what are the finest things to have come out of Wales? Well; Dylan Thomas, Welsh cakes, Gareth Bale, and of course – Street Food Warehouse, to name a few. But here’s another for you to add to the list: HARBWR Brewery Tenby.Across our Welsh street food festivals this summer, HARBWR will once more be the official suppliers of ale for Street Food Warehouse’s sister company, Pop Up Bar Hire, and we couldn’t be more excited to have them back on board. A family business with a wealth of experience in high-end food and drink, the HARBWR gang began their brewing adventure in the late summer of 2015. With a newly refurbished brewery situated in the heart of Tenby’s charming and bustling harbour, the team endeavour to capture their wholesome and quintessentially Welsh surroundings, producing high-quality beers with a personal touch.Backed by the Welsh Government and Pembrokeshire Lottery in the brewery's building development, HARBWR is already on its way to becoming an institution; now recognised as one of the must-visit spots in Tenby, the team have already started racking up awards. Last year, Rob Luly of the HARBWR team collected the coveted Bronze award for British Premium Cask Bitter for the brewery’s ale ‘RFA Sir Galahad’, beating off over 180 other cask ales. Huge!We’re absolutely buzzing to be pairing up with HARBWR again after the raging success of last year, and can’t wait to sample their much-celebrated ales in the sun. Not before we've poured you a pint first, of course…


For more information about our exciting partnerships, as well as information about competitions and the vendors at our festivals, head over to our Facebook or Twitter.



There's no denying it: we're absolutely ready for a bit of sun here at Street Food Warehouse HQ. The winter's been a long one, and all through the cold months we've been reminiscing about last year's summer of sun and street food. But as the season creeps up on us once more, it's time to start daydreaming about this year's packed-out summer. If last year is anything to go by, there'll be no need for any of us to be jetting off to foreign climes for hot weather and faraway food; if you're heading to The Stade on 25th - 27th May, the range of vendors on offer will take you to all corners of the earth. So if you're an adventurous foodie looking to go global then this one's for you, as the Street Food Warehouse team take you to Southeast Asia... via the South East coast.


Our first stop isChu Chu Burmese Kitchen.With a range of spicy and tasty curries on offer, the Chu Chu team delight punters across the country with the beauties of Burmese cuisine. Jet-setters Martin and Tara, who met at a youth hostel in Hawaii (which is... incredible?!), put their heart and soul into their unique dishes, which are inspired by Tara's Burmese heritage. Citing influence from family and the Burmese beyond, Chu Chu's dishes aren't to be missed on your Asian foodie voyage.


Next up is Thailand, as we zoom in on one of our favourite vendors, Tiny Thai. A mother and daughter combo, Tiny Thai are about as wholesome as street food gets. Nooch arrived on British shores in 1992, and in 2001 opened up her first business, Thai Thai Takeaways. After a highly successful run of restaurant ownerships, Nooch decided to call it a day on the catering world. But the love of good food never leaves the heart of a true chef, and now she and her daughter are the Tiny Thai team.

Consisting of classic Thai dishes, their menu lists numerous mouth-watering options for meat eaters and veggies alike. Spring Rolls, Chicken Satays, Thai Fish Cakes and of course, their pièce de résistance - Pad Thai. Great food by great people.


TheCàPhê Republicteam are bringing the best of Vietnamese to Sussex Street Food Festival this summer. Fewer places in the world do street food better than Vietnam, and having travelled far and wide across the country from SaPa to Ho Chi Minh, this lovely lot will be recalling their adventures through the medium of food to take you back out there with them. What's on the menu? Bánh mì, the classic baguette full of bbq goodness, and Pho, the Vietnamese soup that's taking the world by storm, plus plenty of other snacks both delicious and hearty, all originating from the home of street food.


The word Manjula is a popular Hindu name, meaning "lovely". Highly fitting indeed then, for this vegan street food team of Asian food lovers! Business owner Brad began theManjulajourney after competing in the Mongol Rally (a 5000 mile race from London to Mongolia). Clearly one for an adventure, Brad opened up his now highly popular food truck, serving up all manner of spicy delights, and he's not looked back since.The Manjula menu draws upon influences across the Asian continent; there are plenty of Indian-inspired curry dishes, but there's also got some seriously tasty Thai on offer. Our pick is the Thai Burrito: Massaman Curry with rice, Asian 'slaw, avocado and jalapeños, rolled up in a large tortilla wrap. No doubt you'll catch us outside the Manjula truck at some point during the Sussex Street Food Festival weekender, whether it be queueing or munching depends on how fast you get there!


The Street Food Warehouse team couldn't be more excited about our weekend in Sussex, on 25th - 27th May. Eclectic, exciting and the envy of street food lovers across the country, make sure you secure your free ticket to the event here, and you'll be in with a chance of winning a whole bunch of street foodie prizes.

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Street Food Warehouse are excited to announce their partnership with Too Good To Go for the 2019 Street Food Tour! The Too Good To Go team have been working tirelessly since their launch in 2016 to reduce the negative environmental impact of wasted food, and in that time have saved 507, 692 meals in the UK alone - the equivalent of 1,015,924 Kg of CO2!Our partnership with Too Good To Go will run across all nine of the Street Food Warehouse events across the summer, with the intention of facilitating a reduction in food waste at our festivals. We pride ourselves on the ethics of our vendors, and the steps that they are already taking to reduce their carbon footprint; working with Too Good To Go was the next logical step in our endeavour to go even greener. So, what exactly are Too Good To Go all about? They're an international team that are more than doing their bit to save the planet, and what's more, they're super accessible. Now available in nine countries since their launching in Copenhagen, their app (available for download on all smart phones) enables users to save surplus food from restaurants in their local area, at a highly discounted price. Now boasting 12,149,37 meals saved globally (although that's probably risen by the time you've finished reading this article), we couldn't be happier to be working with these waste warriors!Over the channel in France, the Too Good To Go gang are now petitioning to alter the labels on foods from “Best before” to “Best before, not bad after” as another way of reducing food waste in the home, and they've racked up over 60,000 signatures already. Amazing!So whether you're making your way to any Street Food Warehouse festival along the tour, or are looking to save some cash and save the planet, be sure to download the Too Good To Go app and become a waste warrior! Hear more about our partnerships, competitions and new festival announcements on ourFacebookorTwitter.



Winter is slowly petering away, with spring shaking off the shackles of the cold seasons to pave the way for what promises to be a summer of glorious sunshine, if last year is anything to go by. And what do we associate with British summertime? The warm and fresh seaside air, cold drinks, and the wafting smell of barbecued delights, perhaps? Absolutely nail-on-the-head stuff for us at Street Food Warehouse HQ, and hopefully for you street food lovers too. So then, Sussex. You bring the seaside, we'll bring the cold drinks - but who's bringing the meaty treats to The Stade this bank holiday May (25th - 27th)? After a bit of digging, we've nailed down the best meat-based vendors and the dishes you'll be making a beeline for. Our mouths are watering already. Tuck in below. 


Tipsy Texan

The American BBQ specialists unveiled their new crowd-pleaser, The Smoker, and holy cow, look at it! From their little grey van, Tipsy Texan are now serving what may well become a street food favourite for the carnivores amongst you. Their slow-cooked brisket, complimented by a hefty handful of gherkins and their BBQ sauce, and thrown into a soft brioche bun, suggests there's gonna be queues for days for these 'Murican connoisseurs. 


Gourmet Griddle

The Kent-based grillers know their meat better than most, seeing as it's sourced from their very own free range farm. Using their state-of-the-art Trailblazer BBQ System, The Gourmet Griddle gang list an impressive selection of meaty dishes. Here at SFW, we recommend their packed out wraps - we couldn't decide between the BBQ Pulled Pork or the Low & Slow Roasted Pulled Duck. You can opt for either... or maybe both?


Meat The Chef

Boasting twenty-four years of experience in professional kitchens, the Meat The Chef squad swapped it all for a life on the road, and boy are we glad they did. Putting all of their worldly experience into making quality meat dishes has really paid off, and the outcome is food that's equally tasty and good-looking. Their tour de force is the Buttermilk Fried Chicken, and you can see why it's such a big hit. Accompanied with bacon jam and a multitude of other delights, this is another Street Food Warehouse favourite.


The Jerk Joint

When it comes to The Jerk Joint, they're all about the marinating. "All our meat's marinated for a no-messin' 24 hours solid," Kev and Viv proudly tell us. It's never a surprise, then, to see the wonderful Jerk Joint pair with a queue outside their vibrant van (which you'll spot a mile off) at our street food festivals. The Jerk Chicken, our top meaty pick here, soaks up the spices on a Jerk drum and is served up with rice, sweet potato fries, pea salad, coleslaw and a big ol' smile. If you're looking for some spicy Caribbean delight, The Jerk Joint's your kind of place.


Southside Wrappers

Thinking wraps are a light bite? Well, you'd be very wrong if you're in line at Southside Wrappers truck. Their absolutely ma-hoosive, meaty quesadillas and wraps are the talk of many a street food festival, and our pick of the bunch is their double-meat-filled, 12 inch wrap, 'I'm Chicken Hearted'. Ingredients? Cheese, chicken, chorizo, Chipotle and all the greenery. It's reeeeeal good. If you don't reckon you can manage the large wrap though, the quesadilla is a slightly lighter but equally meaty and tasty shout.