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Established in 2015, Street Food Warehouse is a diverse and unique brand. From running a series of food festivals across the UK to working with top event organisers, taking the pressure of catering off and curating an epic street food line up. The Street Food Warehouse team make it their mission to deliver outstanding food and unforgettable experiences for everyone.

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Case Study: The Parking Lot Social Winter Festivals

Last December, Street Food Warehouse had the incredibly exciting opportunity of working with XL Event Lab on a series of drive-in events… The Parking Lot Social Winter Festivals, which took place over the festive period across the UK. XL Event lab, an epic events company that work on a global scale, reinvented the outdoor event game with the concept of a ‘parking lot social’ to provide the public with an alternative event throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. When Christmas came and restrictions were once again tightened, they decided to re-boot their

Vendor of the Month



February’s Vendor of the Month… Spuds & Bros!

Shooting onto our radar when applying to trade at our indoor street food market, Street Eats Huddersfield in 2020, and it’s safe to say we have been OBSESSED with them since. They have been a huge hit at the market with their Canadian inspired poutine.

The crispiest fries topped with anything you can imagine. We’re talking halloumi, gravy, halal meat, caramelised onions, pomegranate…YUM. We cannot wait for Street Eats Huddersfield to reopen once restrictions allow it to see what else Spuds & Bros will be cooking up.


As a leading street food events company, we feel that it's our responsibility

to champion an environmentally conscious mindset, whilst simultaneously

organising and working on events that are inclusive and diverse.

  • Street Food Core Value


    Careful consideration goes into choosing which food vendors will trade at the events we work with; whilst looking to provide an unforgettable experience for customers, we also ensure the vendors are happy too. We impose a strict non-competition rule at all events – no two vendors serve the same cuisine. Not only does this keep traders happy, but it ensures that customers have an eclectic choice.

  • sustainability


    We encourage our traders to use biodegradable packaging, and we are working towards a 90% reduction of plastic every one one of our events across the UK. We often partner with charities and non-profit organisations for our own festivals, and always look to have some local traders at each of event, promoting local business wherever the event may be taking place.

  • quality


    We take enormous pride in the events that we tour across the country, and do everything in our power to ensure attendees are walking away with smiling faces and bellies full of the highest quality street food around. As such, we only use traders with a ‘4 or above’ food hygiene rating to ensure our food safety is never compromised, and our customers aren't at any risk.