The summer months hurtled by in a food-fuelled blur. Between May and late August, the Street Food Warehouse calendar was booked to the brim with our summer tour, and having had time to take stock, let us now say this: WOW!

From Aberystwyth to Devon, Swansea to Somerset and Pembrokeshire to Dorset, the Street Food Tour took us to some of the most picturesque places in the country, and gave us the opportunity to appreciate golden hours and golden moments aplenty with insanely talented street food vendors and thousands of wonderful festival attendees across the UK. Hopefully, you were lucky enough to join us at one or more of our events in 2019, in what was our biggest year yet; nine weekends of street food madness, and as we look to the future, we're only just getting started...

Back in May, things kicked off with an explosion of colour and fun as we brought Swansea Street Food Festival back to the Museum Park. Sharing the weekend with Swansea Pride, the biggest bank holiday party in South Wales ensued. A selection of some of our favourite vendors brought their A-game, and the Pop Up Bar Hire sales were through the roof. The Westival boys rocked up with three days worth of party pumpers and served up tasty tunes across the weekend, and with Pride parading through the site on a heaving Saturday, it really was one for the history books.

Then, we took a drive to the South East coast as Sussex Street Food Festival descended upon Hastings. Amongst the awesome line up was a serious selection of Southeast Asian cuisine, and boy did they go down well. Another bank holiday success, and May ticked off.

If we're talking excitement levels for the Street Food Warehouse gang, June felt like December. Why? Because between 14-16, we were looking at Pembrokeshire Street Food Festival - it's like our Christmas!

The fourth Pembrokeshire Street Food Festival was, as predicted, a massive success. Located upon the picturesque setting on South Beach, Tenby, thousands of hungry foodies arrived to chow down on a bang-tidy selection of street food. Bao Selecta were selling buns quicker than they could make 'em, and we were absolutely thrilled to see family-run cheesecake champs Dutty's embark on only their second ever event! Did they sell out? Silly question, really.

Local party-starters in the form of the Westival resident DJs returned to the fold, turning the marquee into a makeshift dancefloor on Saturday night, whilst we also welcomed young children and doggos aplenty for what several punters claimed was one of the best family-friendly events in the area across the summer period. You'll have to judge that for yourself, and come along in 2020.

July went by quicker than you could say 'Mac and Cheese', as we hit the road up and down the country to deliver big street food vibes to Dorset, Aberystwyth and Somerset. Beginning at the beautiful coastal town of Lyme Regis, Dorset Street Food Festival entailed three idyllic days of sitting on that hill with the sun beaming down, and a long ol' line of street food to get stuck into. Tucking into Little Marrakesh's Moroccan chicken whilst staring at the purple sunset was a summer highlight for us.

From the South West of England to the West of Wales, our tour then debuted in Aberystwyth. The sun shone in our blessed homeland, as we brought a highly-lauded army of street food vendors. The mayor popped in for a bite amongst heaps of others, and it was a weekend of celebration all round as graduating students joined us at the Marina.

Another debut saw us back down south, as Somerset Street Food Festival arrived for the first time in Weston-super-Mare. At Italian Gardens, a mere amble away from the famous pier, with water fountains and cocktails flowing in equal measure, it was a pleasure to see so many punters from Weston and beyond heading home each evening with full bellies and smiling faces.

On our old stomping ground of Ilfracombe, it was our fifth (yes, fifth!) year of Devon Street Food Festival, and it was by far the most successful year we've had there so far. The weather was incredible, the place was bustling, and the setting was spectacular. Similarly, we got super lucky in Milford Haven with glistening sunshine for our second stint of the summer in Pembrokeshire. You'll have to check out this video to see just how awesome that weekend was.

Then, to wrap things up it was a biggy - the Welsh Street Food Awards in partnership with Hellmann's. Back where it all began at Museum Park, Swansea, Welsh vendors battled it out for the two places at the British Street Food Awards later this year. Pink Peppercorn took the judges prize for their phenomenal, Welsh-history-inspired dishes, whilst Malaysian maestros Makasih won the public vote for their array of Asian delights. A huge congratulations to both, as well as all vendors at the event. You could never get the Street Food Warehouse staff to pick just two - we love you all!

And just like that, summer was gone. 2019, the summer of street food. So... What now? Well, with vendor applications opening again soon for our 2020 events, there's no rest for the wicked. We'll soon be putting the forms on each individual event page and social media profile as they are released, so for the vendors - keep a keen eye out.

As for you street food punters, Street Food Warehouse are available to you! Street food continues to explode in popularity, and as such, our events calendar next year is expanding even further. But how about some street food at your event? Whether it's a birthday party, wedding or private function, hit us up at Street Food Warehouse if you want to get street food-y!


We value all feedback for our street food festivals. If you want to get in touch, email us: [email protected]

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Hello, Milford Haven. The Welsh Street Food Awards were a bit good last year, weren't they? We love a throw-down in Pembrokeshire, and with this year's Pembrokeshire Street Food Festival over and done with until 2020, we don't want the Southwest Wales fun to stop. So, beaming sunshine, ice-cold drinks in abundance, and the country's best street food on your doorstep. Street Food Warehouse is bringing Mil-food Haven Street Food Festival to town for another big one, between 17th - 18th August!Milford locals, Pembrokeshire street food day-trippers and holiday-makers coming from far and wide can expect a whole host of unique, talented and friendly street food vendors serving incredible food from all over the globe. Street Food Warehouse are also bringing their sister company, Pop Up Bar Hire, to keep glasses full across the entire weekend.From 12pm until 10pm on Saturday, and until 8pm on Sunday, we'll welcome curious foodies, festival lovers and and sun-soakers alike for this summer bash, where they'll enjoy menus brimming with the exciting, the exotic and the extraordinary.So, who is trading at Mil-food Haven Street Food Festival 2019? We've got some Street Food Warehouse favourites involved, including The Dog House with their unbelievable loaded hot dogs, and Pink Peppercorn will be serving their wonderfully Welsh themed meals of equally wholesome and delicious contents. We've also got Dutty's bringing their divinely inspired cheesecakes, and we're excited to have our June vendor of the month, The Gower Doughnut Co., on board to bring their doughy, delicious goodness to the party!At Street Food Warehouse, we like to ensure that everyone is catered for. Our selection of street food vendors travel from all over the UK with their tasty dishes and have the ability to cater for gluten and dairy intolerances, veggies and vegans. This family-friendly event has something for everyone… even dogs, who are always welcome to our events!We feel like we’re forgetting to mention something? Hmmm… Perhaps that 2019 is the year that Street Food Warehouse will be sponsored by the UK’s number one hot pepper sauce brand, Encona! At Mil-food Haven Street Food Festival, a number of our vendors will be incorporating Encona’s range of sauces into their favourite dishes ready for you to try!A weekend of outstanding food, refreshing beverages and good vibes awaits – the only thing missing is you! Tickets are free, so no excuses. Register for your free tickets here and you’ll be in with a chance of winning x4 street food meals and cocktails, all sponsored by Encona! Keep an eye out on our Facebook page for a number of foodie competitions that'll be running as we build up to the big weekend.

17th - 18th August - get it in your diaries, Milford! 



Image: Jacques Boissevaine, Westival 2018

We've nailed down some of the best street food vendors in the country for this summer's Street Food Warehouse tour. Some of your favourites will be returning, and there are a whole host of newbies coming too, who could quickly become new favourites. We're also bringing our sister company, Pop Up Bar Hire, to provide the drinks, whether it be a cocktail or an ice-cold pint. Seems like the only thing missing is the tunes...

Step forward, Westival! The exciting new Pembrokeshire-based festival will be on hand at both Swansea Street Food Festival and Pembrokeshire Street Food Festival to supply the bangers with their resident DJs serving high quality Disco, House, African, Funk and Soul all weekend. We couldn't think of a better way to compliment a pint of Tenby Harbwr Brewery beer (or a tasty mojito) in the sun than having the Westival selectors rock up and spin thumpers, booters, fist-pumpers and floor-fillers as we dance with you in the Welsh sunshine. 

Image: Jacques Boissevaine, Westival 2018

This year, the Westival residents behind the decks at Swansea and Pembs will be citing influence from their own festival's incredible and eclectic line-up that includes Detroit house pioneer Marcellus Pittman, Canadian lady-of-the-moment Peach, Australian legend CC Disco and live Afro Artists such as Mim Sulieman, Afrqiuoi and Yaaba Funk. The Street Food Warehouse team are seriously hyped about Westival's sophomore outing, which takes place between 19 - 22 July. Grab yourselves a ticket at www.westival.wales and book yourself in for a weekend of the finest vibes on the West Wales coast. Be sure to keep up to date with their festival announcements (including DJ listings and street food vendors that'll be trading at their events) by following Westival's Facebook page.

Image: Jacques Boissevaine, Westival 2018

Swansea Street Food Festival 2019 takes place at Museum Park, Swansea on 4th - 6th May; Pembrokeshire Street Food Festival 2019 takes place at South Beach, Tenby on 14th - 16th June. Get the latest updates on our events - vendors, competitions and partnerships - through our Facebook and Twitter




If you're coming to see us on our street food tour, the chances are the diet is going out the window for the day. Of course, there are plenty of vendors who are serving healthy helpings of delicious food, so if you're keen to stick to your diet then we're not ones to stop you. However, we've got to tell you - some of the finest delights to be found at Pembrokeshire Street Food Festival are sugary and sweet, and they'll have you justifying a naughty dessert... if not several.We're going to be spoiled for choice at this one: brownies, ice cream, milkshakes, the lot. To get you in the mood for your final course come mid-June's street food antics, we've picked out five of the vendors serving up the sugary goodness for the sweet-tooths amongst you.

Ice Green

It wouldn't be a day by the seaside without some ice-cream, but it's not your average 99p cone being served at the Ice Green truck. The Cardigan-based ice-creamers are incredibly popular with locals, as well as anyone who's been lucky enough to catch the vintage caravan-cum-parlour at an event across the country.Not only are they serving some of the most delicious ice-cream you can imagine, but they're going above and beyond in their efforts to save the planet, one dessert at a time. Dairy free, no animal products, and always wholesome ingredients.

Dutty's Cheesecake

There's quite the tale behind Dutty's Cheesecake... Dutty is the automobile that's recently been converted into a dessert-lover's dream. Having started out as a food delivery van way back in 1976, the newly renovated cheesecake wagon has recently undergone its latest transformation and is now ready to hit the road and bring Dutty's cheesecakes to Pembrokeshire and beyond. Behind Dutty are Mr and Mrs Morgan, cheesecake connoisseurs, who are - according to the sign you'll see behind their heads as they dish out their fine desserts - "making the world a better place, one slice of cheesecake at a time." We can't wait to meet the newly renovated Dutty, and grab a slice or two of the Morgans' incredible cheesecake selection. 


Taffy's Treats

Taffy's Treats aren't selling your bog-standard fudge. They don't do ordinary. No, the Taffy's gang are always pushing the boundaries and experimenting with their flavours, and we're absolutely buzzing to have them turning out at Pembrokeshire Street Food Festival to bring you all sorts of sugary delights.

Since 2015, the traditional methods of fudge-making have been paired with all manner of weird and wonderful flavours by Taffy's Treats; their 2016 best-selling 'Welsh Cake' flavoured fudge is a favourite, whilst there's also Chilli Chocolate, Raspberry Red Velvet, Bara Brith, Espresso & Chocolate and Elderflower & Lemon on the menu. Some real taste bud-tinglers here, we reckon. 


Chock Shop

As you amble through the amazing trucks, vans and stalls around Pembrokeshire Street Food Festival, there's no doubt that the Chock Shop stall will catch your eye. Mounds of chocolate-y treats sit in front of their team of brownie experts, and the multitude of flavours - peanut butter, salted caramel, Oreo, Nutella - is enough to make a sweet tooth's head spin. Plus, there are some exclusively adult choices, with some popular choices including Amaretto and Hennessey Cognac brownies.Chock Shop bring in new flavours each month, so be sure to have a right good nose around what they have to offer before you make your decision. There is, of course, the option to buy a full box of brownies, which ends up being a rather popular decision for many of their customers...

The Orgazmic Milkshake Company

The naughty-named Birmingham gang are heading back to Pembrokeshire Street Food Festival, and they're expecting big ol' queues after a booming summer of business last year. And with their eclectic menu of milkshakes and waffles, it's not hard to see why. Orgazmic Milkshake are bringing the sugar, with their loaded waffles and enormous milkshakes turning heads across street food festival grounds across the country. If you're not aware, heaven is a Ferrero Rocher milkshake. Trust us. 


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Throw it back to last summer for a second. 2018: the heat, the good times and of course, the food. One of our favourite weekends of 2018 here at Street Food Warehouse Headquarters was the Pembrokeshire Street Food Festival. So, incredible news for all of us that on 14th - 16th June, we're bringing it back to Tenby for the third year in a row! Joined by a whole host of creative and unique street food vendors, we will also be joined by our very own sister company, Pop Up Bar Hire, who will be keeping your glasses full for the entire weekend. Street Food Warehouse will welcome eager customers from West Wales and beyond; curious foodies, festival lovers and sun-soakers. From 12pm until 10pm over a three-day food extravaganza, you can join us for every meal of the day; a late breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, dessert and supper - there’s something for everyone, and every meal.There are some seriously wholesome vendors booked at Pembs, with regular SFW bookings and some newbies too, all serving delicious food with a smile and a story behind them.Gourmet Street Kitchenbring their damn fine Mac 'n' Cheese back to Tenby, the face-fuzz taco wizards atThe Bearded Taco return, and there's another round ofIce Green

on the menu for those who couldn't get enough of their vegan dairy treats last summer. 

At Street Food Warehouse HQ, we're not really sure what constitutes 'British' street food, eclectic as it is. What we do know though, is that at Pembrokeshire Street Food Festival you'll be offered food from all parts of the globe. Street Food South West will be serving up the Moroccan deliciousness; Meating Point are getting you to the Greek; Bao Selecta take you to Taiwan; Chai Street have got your Indian cravings covered. 

Pop Up Bar Hire will be on hand to provide the goods, be it a pint of craft beer or a zesty, refreshing mojito in the hot, summer weather. Designated driver? Pop Up Bar have a delicious range of non-alcoholic drinks to be purchased too!

At Street Food Warehouse we ensure that everyone is catered for. Our selection of street food vendors travel from all over the UK with their tasty dishes and have the ability to cater for gluten and dairy intolerances, vegans, veggies and carnivores alike! This family-friendly event has something for everyone... even dogs, who are always welcome to our events!

We feel like we’re forgetting to mention something? Hmmm... Perhaps that 2019 is the year that Street Food Warehouse will be sponsored by the UK’s number one hot pepper sauce brand, Encona! At Pembrokeshire Street Food Festival, a number of our vendors will be incorporating Encona’s range of sauces into their favourite dishes ready for you to try!

A weekend of outstanding food, refreshing beverages and good vibes - the only thing missing is you! Tickets are free, so you’d really struggle to find an excuse to not come along. Register for your free tickets here and you'll be in with a chance to win x4 street food meals and cocktails, all sponsored by Encona! 

We’ll see you soon, Pembs!