Festival FAQs

Will the Street Food Festivals be safe?

Street Food Warehouse is continuously reviewing the government guidelines on coronavirus. There will be precautionary measures put into place to ensure that this event is run smoothly and efficiently, without taking away from the enjoyment of our festivals. Customer safety and that of our traders and staff is of first and foremost importance. Under no circumstances will we continue with the event, if it is not deemed safe for us to do so.


Will festival staff be wearing PPE?

All of our street food traders and event staff will be wearing PPE. All event staff will be monitored regularly, assuring they are fit to work. Customers are welcome to wear their own PPE but it is not a requirement to enter the festival.


Will the festival site be contained?

Yes, there will be one entrance and one exit, encouraging one way customer movement. There will be no more than 499 people inside the festival site at any one time, complying with government guidelines.

Customers will be required sanitise their hands on entry and exit to the festival, with temperature guns detecting any high temperatures on arrival.


Will I need a ticket to attend?

Yes. Tickets will be required to attend all of our 2020 Street Food Festivals. You can grab your tickets here: www.streetfoodwarehouse.eventbrite.com


Do I need to reserve a table?

We recommend reserving a table when purchasing your ticket, gaining you priority access to the event. This will get you your own little space to enjoy for a 2 hour window. In accordance with government guidelines these tables can be shared by no more than two separate households.


Will cash be accepted?

Both card & cash payments will be accepted, however we advise customers to pay by card when possible.


How will Street Food Warehouse collect information for Track & Trace? 

The information given when purchasing a ticket will be used to contact you for Track & Trace purposes.


How will the bar operate with plastic cups?

Single use plastics will be in use at the bar to avoid cross-contamination. Re-used cups will not be accepted.


How do I get in touch with a member of event staff?

If you'd like any more information on any of the above, please call 07961 894164