The Welsh Cheese Co Announced as Sponsors for House of Caws

In case you haven’t already heard the Gouda news, we are returning to Swansea this October. Running 26th and 27th October, we will be taking over Unit Nineteen for a street food celebration of all things cheese – House of Caws. This week we announced that The Welsh Cheese Co will be sponsoring the event and providing the street food vendors with their delicious cheese to use in their dishes.


The Welsh Cheese Co

Set up by Tom Pinder because of an oozing passion for cheese, The Welsh Cheese Co is based in Wales and brings all the best Welsh cheese together in one very tasty place. After years working away from home, Tom came to have a greater appreciation of the wonderful people and produce that we have on our doorstep in Wales, most importantly the fantastic cheese!

Tom says:

“My passion for cheese was first sparked as a child.  Growing up in the 1980s, I was a regular visitor to a small dairy farm down the road from our house, where the farmer and his wife produced the most mouth-wateringly sharp farmhouse cheddar. I have a vivid memory of the milking parlour in the corner of the farmyard and the shed with a rows of giant cheddar truckles that would be hauled down and cut for us. We’d then take it home and my mum would make the most amazing mac and cheese with it, which is still among the most delicious things I’ve ever tasted!”

What To Expect

Speaking of Mac and Cheese, there will be a whole host of delicious cheese based street food available at House of Caws including bubbling Philly Cheesesteaks, crispy Arancini, melty Pizza, creamy Cheesecake and gooey Toasties all using Welsh cheese from The Welsh Cheese Co.

The Vendors

The Street Food vendors who will be creating these wonderful cheesey dishes from The Welsh Cheese Co’s cheese will be Spicer’s Meat Wagon, Mr Croquewich, Fritti Italian, Cheesecake Hideaway, La Ffroga and La Vera Pizza.

Cheese Extravaganza!

There will be three sittings, one on Friday evening, 5pm-12am and two on Saturday, 12pm-5pm and 6pm-12am and this is a great opportunity to taste the best of Welsh cheese!

Tickets are running low but are just £3 and available here. There really is no where else to Brie.