The best-looking worldwide food trucks

The very early days of food trucks, spent on selling plastic-wrapped sandwiches and bland coffee to factory workers, weren’t the happiest and creative of times for their owners. Luckily, (thank goodness) street food businesses have developed so rapidly, that nowadays, the hungry and even the pickiest customer will be able to find almost anything in a food truck: from freshly caught seafood, gluten-free doughnuts and veggie burgers, to meaty tastes from all over the globe.

We want to take the focus of this article, on to the most amazing food trucks from the entire world. We have searched long and far across Google and social media to bring to you the best-looking food trucks, enjoy!

Maximus / Minimus, Seattle

The food truck that transformed into a giant, metal pig. Yes, you read it right. In their service, foodie lovers can find pulled pork, chicken and veggie grilled sandwiches, and, obviously, an unforgettable experience of being fed by the biggest Seattle’s pig.

Del Popolo, San Francisco

We don’t really need to do any explaining for this one, do we?
Ladies and Gentlemen, the finest mobile pizzeria truck, Del Popolo!

Cloud Nine Cotton Candy, Vancouver

Would you like to be brought back to the good old days when things were as sweet “as freshly spun sugar”? Well, Vancouver’s first organic cotton candy food truck can 100% make it true!

Mammoth Burritos, California

Fancy a burrito while skiing 10,000 feet? If you’re lucky enough to be skiing at the Mammoth Mountain Ski Area in the Sierra Nevada, you’re sorted. To make it even better, there are no two Mammoth Trucks, one selling burrito, the other one calzones!

Baba G’s, London

London based street food company, known from their love of mixing Indian food with a British twist. “Baba’s Naga Delhi Double. Delicious; it’s so big your jaw will ache by the end of it” – Time Out Magazine. Convincing enough for us!

Mother Clucker, London

Looking for an experience in London? Check out Mother Clucker’s Army Ambulance converted into a food truck parked in The Truman Brewery.

Die Dollen Knollen, Berlin

Fancy a taste of a true Germany? Don’t forget to put Berlin’s Die Dollen Knollen on your checklist!

The Veggie Patch Van, Sydney

The Veggie Patch is the ultimate spot for high quality, ethical veggie food, bringing health food to the streets of Sydney. And just look at these pots!

Jafe Jaffles, Sydney

Jafe Jaffles converted a Cold War era VW bus into a bright yellow jaffle maker with the service of best, sweetest and finest toasties you could possibly taste. Bon appetite!

Pizzetta Firetruck, Connecticut

The retired 1983 Pierce Arrow Pumper Fire Truck is impressively powered by the sun and features a rooftop kitchen. Pretty impressive…

By Klementyna Wasiewska