Street Food Finds a Home in Barry

Announced by Wales Online, the Goods Shed in Barry is undergoing an extensive renovation to blend urban living with accessible restaurants and modern office space, giving street food a permanent home. Six restaurants are already confirmed, including two of our tasty vendors!

Bearded Taco

When possible this bi-continental food truck sources all their ingredients locally, making some of the freshest tacos you’ll ever try. Their extensive travel history through many different countries comes into play when cooking; Starting with a latin base, they incorporate flavours and spices from other continents including Asia and Africa with a tacos inspired by Vietnamese and Morrocan cuisines. They are also daring with everyday ingredients you wouldn’t usually see in a taco, their most popular dish, the gin and tonic tempura avocado tacos are both revolutionary and necessary.


Mr Croquewich

Crafted especially for cheese lovers, Mr Croquewich specialises in Croques Monsieurs with a chef who cultivated his talent in the French Alps. They have a range of over 30 sandwiches to pick from, all lavished in the best cheese and locally sourced seasonal ingredients. If you love all things cheese this is definitely the place for you, Mr Croquewich never stops exploring new ways to make a simple sandwich a luxury.

Side Note: Mr Croquewich will appear at our upcoming cheese celebration at Unit Nineteen in Swansea on the 26th and 27th October – tickets just £3 and available here.

The list doesn’t end there….


There are five other delicious vendors to try including Meat & Greek, Dusty Knuckle, Hangfire Southern Kitchen, and Brother Thai. This urban high street will have a huge variation in taste, something for every connoisseur when it opens around Christmas 2019.