10 dishes we can’t wait for you to try

We made it! After a year and a half of winter, the sun is out and it’s finally warm enough to sit outside half-naked, drinking cider, without getting arrested or freezing to death.

Whilst we know that summer in Britain is erratic at best – disastrous at worse – we’re still super excited for the summer and the events we’ll be putting on throughout.

We’ve been slaving away in our cold office for months, but it’s all starting to come together and the diversity and quality of our traders is amazing.

To showcase this, we’ve chosen 10 of our favorite dishes on offer at our festivals this summer.

The Original Goodfillas – The Carlos

Whilst there are no clear standouts from the menu, as it’s all so good, the last thing we tried and nearly died for was the Carlos: a crispy deep-fried calzone filled with chorizo, pepper, onion, tomato, herbs and stringy mozzarella.

Urban Cheesecake – Mint Aero Cheesecake

Again, difficult to pick just one dish from such a mouth-watering menu but we’ve chosen this dessert because we love mint and don’t see it enough in sweet treats. This looks incredible and is a complete taste and texture explosion.

Spicer’s Meat Wagon – Dr. Beef’s 10 Hour Pulled Beef Bun

There’s no shortage of pulled meat at street food events but no one doing meat as well as this couple. For this dish, they cook their beef in their beastly, custom-built smoker for no less than 10 hours, making it so tender that it falls apart just from being scowled at. It’s then stuffed into a brioche bun, smothered with their smokey bbq sauce and topped with the house slaw and smoked cheddar.

Sam and The Frying Machine – Fish and Chips

Eating fish and chips by the sea is a classic British summer tradition. This year we’re making sure it’s upheld by inviting Sam (and of course his frying machine) to a few of our events. No frills, just perfectly executed fish and chips.

Pakora Pod – Aubergine and Cauliflower Pakora

Street food doesn’t always have to be naughty. Take for example Pakorapod who serve up delicious vegan curries and pakoras that are also free of wheat, gluten, dairy, and nuts. Not only is the food good for your tummy, it’s also great for the environment, as they only use biodegradable materials. Our favourite is the aubergine and cauliflower with onion, ginger and green chili.

Fritti Italian – Arancini

One Italy’s most popular street snacks but relatively unknown here, arancini are balls of sticky risotto and gooey mozzarella that have been rolled in breadcrumbs and fried. Fritti Italian will be serving up a few different varieties of these crispy balls of joy but be careful – they’re incredibly moreish!

The Bearded Taco – Let’s Avo Cwtch

The Bearded Taco have been making waves over the past few years with their mad-scientist approach to tacos. Their latest crazed creation is the brilliantly named “Let’s Avo Cwtch” which is filled with gin ‘n’ tonic tempura avocado and topped with lemon and honey slaw, chipotle aioli and fresh coriander.

The Chipsmyth – Fission Chips

Chipsmyth have produced some of the most devious street eats we’ve ever seen but this time they’ve really earned themselves a seat on the naughty step. A generous portion of their thick-cut, home-made chips topped with deep fried squid, aioli, hot sauce and caper gremolata.

Monte Forte Pizza – Nduja

We nearly always have a pizza-shaped hole in our stomach so we’re stoked that these guys will be joining us this year to give us a taste of authentic Neapolitan style pizza. Nduja is a firey, super-soft salami which we know will contrast beautifully with the cooling, creamy white mozzarella base and aromatic basil.

Tukka Tuk – Everything

We actually don’t know yet what dishes George (head chef of the award-winning purple poppadom) will be serving this year but we know it’ll be some of the best Indian Street Food we’ve ever eaten.


Want to try some of these dishes? Head over to our events page, where you will see the full lineups to each of our festivals.


Written by Owain Hepple